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Nov 10, 2003, 9:51 PM
Oct 11, 2018, 8:10 PM
jason christensen
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Re: [Crimson] Jordanelle Kokanee
I read on their state park site that they cancelled the Kokanee viewing day on Sept 15 due to “handfuls” of red fish showed up i...
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Re: [Bduck] Quagga mussels
I’m fairly sure that if you haven’t been sealed, you are not supposed to navigate Wyoming waters. I’ve been checked while on the water...
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Re: [PBH] how can we get more people to keep a limit of laker pups?
Why has it not been addressed to add small lake trout to the list of legally disposed fish? I...
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Re: [Ghansen] Minnkota with I pilot thoughts
Its the best investment I've ever made for the style of fishing I do. Spot lock is a great feature, I use it all the...
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Re: [love2fishUtah] how can we get more people to keep a limit of laker pups?
Yellowstone and FG are totally different situations. Yellowstone is protecting a na...
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Re: [dumb_bass] Cafe at Strawberry Marina
They told us last order by 7:30. My boy got the burger and fries and I had the chicken fried steak. Both were really go...
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Re: [Brighamfish] Homemade Spud and Mantua Ice
Cool spud! I never go without mine, even on thick ice (for pressure ridges). I did something this year I had never...
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Re: [RJD007] Blackfoot Reservoir?
I kind of agree with you, but not sure it was a scam- just a poor business decision. As a business owner myself, we get into de...
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Re: [lifeshort] It's about time I cleaned the tackle box
Ha ha- I inherited some of my dads gear when he passed a few years ago. I found several packs of snelled...
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Re: [MACMAN] 2017/2018 Ice Challenge- MACMAN
Strawberry 2/17 Cutthroat 22.5” Nice slot buster!
Cutthroa t trout - 22.5
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