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Jul 15, 2013, 11:37 AM
Oct 9, 2017, 11:30 AM
Quality Assurance Manager
Fly Fishing
Provo, Strawberry
Forum Responses:

Re: [OldTroller] Electric Motor Set Up
I have flipped the head on my motor and it works great. I can turn with my flippers and have hands free fishing. I added a...
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Re: [lifeshort] Injured Cutts at Berry

lifeshort wrote:
When was the last time you were checked at the Berry? Been there a lot never checked by a CO only college...

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Re: [pardof16] strawberry in a tube
Be carefull of the wind. It can come up quick and blow a tube all over the lake.
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Re: [SilverSlimer] Rockport 6/5
That it is interesting that they are planting Little Dell. I thought they had just been using it for a brood stock lake for cutts...
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Re: [mousehatch] Jordanelle 5/25
What's the water temp? Are the bass getting active?
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Re: [rncheni2w] Utah Fish Stocking Data Analysis Tool
Cool spreadsheet. I wish the DWR would post the gill net surveys.Mark
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Re: [IYAAYAS611] Mantua
I fished Mantua from my kickboat on Saturday. Very slow fishing and I only landed one trout. Water temps were 59-60 and I would expect th...
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Re: [Dgallen] Mantua 05/05
I experienced the same thing on Saturday. I caught one trout but could not get the bass or the bluegill to play. What did you have the...
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Re: [Got_Bait] One of those WILLARD days 4-23-17
Looking at the weather forecast we are in for another cold wet week this week. Looking ahead it shows that the f...
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Haven't heard any recent reports on Minersville. Is the water pretty muddy due to runoff? How are conditions down there? Mark
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