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Jul 15, 2013, 11:37 AM
Oct 17, 2019, 2:29 PM
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Fly Fishing
Provo, Strawberry
Forum Responses:

Re: [fishalot13] Hit the berry!!! 9/25/19
Good job!! What kind of flying where you using?
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Re: [perchinski] Rockport re-visit
What are the coordinates for the Rockport structures? Looking forward to the Jordanelle gillnet results.
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Re: [kentofnsl] Joranelle 7-14
I was attacked by mosquitoes there a week ago. Worse than I've ever seen it. I think the high water and green vegetation has made ...
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Re: [PBH] Scofield July 5 - Report and Slot Thoughts

PBH wrote:
joatmon wrote:
While they may not "publish" gill netting results to the public, they absolutely ...

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Re: [southernbass] East Canyon, rockport, or jordenelle
All three are fishing pretty good right now. If you are fishing from shore I would go with East Canyon or...
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Re: [T-Boz] Echo 5/29
Thanks for the report. Did you happen to get a water temp?
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Re: [Sharknado] Intermediate sink line?
Put a 2 to 3 foot butt section of 20 lb mono between your fly line and level leader. It will help it turn over better. I'...
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Any reports from Rockport? Wondering if the water temperature is starting to warm up some.
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Re: [kevinL] Jordanelle Saturday
Thanks for the report. What was the water temperature?
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Re: [Sharknado] Minersville before the storm hits
Five and six weight fly rods work great for Stillwater fishing. more important I believe is length. Nine foot t...
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