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Dec 9, 2009, 9:05 PM
Jun 26, 2017, 5:13 PM
Idaho Falls
Freshwater Fishing
Western US, Alaska and Mexico

I'm a fishaholic and love the science of fishing. I hope my posts add to the quality of this great site! MM/Don
Forum Responses:

Re: [fallsfish] Kokanee rigging
Start by rigging up you rod and at trolling speed, 1.7 mph with a sling blade, drop the unbent rig in the water along side the bo...
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Re: [thebug] Kokanee Salmon
It's looking like Anderson Ranch had a catastrophic die off of the 3 year class of Kokes. Probably a virus or bacterial infection tha...
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Re: [fallsfish] Island Park Reservoir
Island Park Res is a tough water to fish for Kokes unless you jig. The bottom contours and Koke depths leave little water t...
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Re: [curt69] Island Park Reservoir
That trout is a beauty Curt but that Koke is a Trophy!
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Re: [Dgallen] Henry's
Saw a couple videos of fish in the 9 to 10 lb. class being landed on leeches. Pretty fish!
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Re: [muirco] Planer Board Mast or Inline
I run twin electrics with a mast off of my hard top. 30" boards are tough to pull in when under way and you can only run...
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Re: [RJD007] Ririe

RJD007 wrote:
So what about the size of pop gear? If you troll small 1-3 blade string with 1" blades, do you think the Koks will think they ar...

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Re: [fallsfish] Ririe
Something to consider or not. Tournament Kokanee fishermen hate boats that run pop gear. Their reasoning is as follows. When you find a sch...
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Re: [fallsfish] Ririe
The optimum water column temp for Kokes is 56.5 degrees. Until the surface water is warmer than that they will be as high in the water colu...
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Re: [Anglinarcher] Carp disposal
A couple of thoughts perhaps. First, Salmon returning from the ocean bring back minerals and nutrients not found in sterile str...
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