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Aug 18, 2006, 3:04 PM
Jul 24, 2017, 5:15 AM
Matt Adams
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Freshwater Fishing
Willard at the moment
Pacific Blue Marlin
Forum Responses:

Re: [CatchinCompany2] Uinta help
There are tons of places. I also like camping at Moosehorn lake. it is just barely above Mirror Lake and is a great little pond....
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Re: [Dfack919] First time to yuba
I would use a small wire leader and any perch imitation or carp imitation patterns. I have only targeted pike a couple of times...
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Re: [kentofnsl] Quality not quantity sturgeon 06-17
Beautiful fish and congratz. I love the look of those prehistoric critters.
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Re: [senkonate] Crawdads active at Strawberry yet?
A buddy of mine hits mudcreek up a lot when he is using traps. I am not sure what depths but I know he prefers...
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Re: [Northman] Yuba WTH???
I would say that is completely possible. And it is to bad, I have managed a few out of there nothing big and all were from the beach b...
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Re: [ocean] Yuba WTH???
It would be nice to see some serious structure put in the places that always hold viable water in that pond. It could be an awesome fishe...
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Re: [NEXTBITE] Yuba WTH???
Hwll as low as I saw it last fall it will not take much at all as there will not be enough water in that pond to fill a 5 gallon bucke...
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Yuba WTH???
Does anyone have an idea why they the water managers at Yuba are not filling that little hole up like many of the other reservoirs are? According to ...
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General question
When on the hull placard it states a boat will handle say 4 people or 800 lbs which is it. If I take my kids (50 and 11) out my wife and one of ...
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Re: [fuzzyfisher] fish lake for 2 days..
Nice fish Fuzzy. Good to see there are a few good ones left in that lake.
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