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Dec 30, 2015, 8:46 PM
Jan 31, 2018, 1:31 PM
Eagle mountain
Handy man
Freshwater Fishing
Scofield, hyrum any where moist
Forum Responses:

Echo shore fishing information needed
Does any one have information on shore fishing echo. I want to take my 2 and 5 year olds fishing up there. Any suggestions ...
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Bountiful pond
Has any one fished bountiful pond this time of year. I want to take my girls tomorrow afternoon. any thing is an hour from me and my 5year old wan...
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Re: [TClutch] Ice Fishing for Perch
Id use a drop shot perch rig. Ill send you photos.
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Re: [fryman1] Scofield 12/8
Got there at 3 today didn't have much luck one chub a bunch of light bites... fished till 530. Then my daughter broke her pole so it ...
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Re: [familyteacher] Scofield 12/8
I'm going up tomorrow where the bites soft or the hard? I have a fish Scofield for a few years if you have any good information...
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Re: [The_Red_Leaker] Scofield Ice Tournamant?
There should be a chub tournament like the fish lake perch tournament. Just my opinion.
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Re: [dregs] Scofield 12/4
I want to go to Scofield Friday after noon. Is late after noon and early evening okay time to fish Scofield probably going to be in the...
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Re: [Majja] Flasher or Traditional
Here is a product video for the lx6s don't know if you have seen this on you tube.
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Re: [El_Matador] Flasher or Traditional
Lx7 is an awesome set up. The lx6s is its little brother. Same options also can be used on a boat but it's 150$ less but ...
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Re: [Majja] Flasher or Traditional
I would buy it a system that has a duel beam with target zoom through the intire water column and the best you can afford ther...
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