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Dec 8, 2015, 1:51 PM
Dec 3, 2019, 9:27 AM
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Re: [brookieguy1] Stocking reports
Go to (don't add dwr to the end) Under the Fishing tab, click "Main Fishing Page" Under "Where to F...
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Re: [Lve2fsh] Fish lake camping
The Forest Service has been plowing an area at the Doctor Creek campground in recent years for RVs/trailers. However, with the sh...
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Re: [rgreenland] Beaver River East of I-15
The canyon section is loaded with small browns and rainbows. The upper tributaries like Merchant Creek also have lots ...
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Southern Utah ice conditions
Here's an update on Southern Utah ice conditions for December 7: Panguitch Lake has 4-5 inches of solid, slick ice. Otter Creek Rese...
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Re: [albinotrout] Willard walleye & crappie harvest update
I'll help Chris out on this one.We treated Gunlock Res with rotenone last fall to remove smallmouth ba...
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Re: [nodnarb19] Otter Creek Update?
Here's an update on Otter Creek from today:2-6 feet of open water around the north end. A few folks got on the ice on the sou...
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Re: [bigbabyfish] fish lake
johnnycake is correct - check in at the Lakeside General Store before you go fishing and you'll be eligible. Three tagged perch have ...
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Re: [barberjd78] Fish Lake Perch Tournament - Results

barberjd78 wrote:
Mr. Hadley, Is the video from the helicopter in the morning on line to view. really would...

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Re: [Jackin_Jaws] Fish Lake Perch Tournament - Results

Jackin_Jaws wrote:
Hey Mike, just maybe some ideas for next year to eliminate the radio abusers.. Hourly u...

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Fish Lake Perch Tournament - Results
The second annual Fish Lake Perch Tournament was another big success on Saturday. The weather forecast kept a few folks away...
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