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Title: Strawberry Kokanee trolling
Submit Date: Sat Jan 16 2016
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Registered User
Oct 7, 2002, 6:06 PM
Apr 28, 2017, 1:57 PM
Lanty Ross
Koke trolling Strawberry etc, fishing everywhere
Highland, Utah
Government Retired
Freshwater Fishing
Strawberry, Utah L, Powell, etc
25 lb. striper, 32 lb mac
Forum Responses:

Re: [fuzzyfisher] first boat on fish lake! ..
Boy, what can I say, those are some nice fish! You must be tougher than I am to brave that weather too. I see you'...
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Re: [gofish435] Starvation a mixed bag
I enjoyed your post and pics, especially since I sure wasn't brave enough to venture out with the forecast being for nasty...
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Deer Creek Docks ?
Are the big docks in yet at Deer Creek, main ramp on the dam end? I thought about driving up to take a look, but some of you guys have probabl...
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Re: [fish_hntr] have an open seat for the gorge next weekend
That's a great opportunity for someone, but can't do it myself. I'll be looking for your report when...
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Re: [FatBiker] Thanks DuBob
Thanks Bob
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Re: [MRJ] U.L. water level

MRJ wrote:
The lake depths being reported are all over the map. The percent full is going up and down like a yo-yo. .That's for sure. ...

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Re: [MRJ] U.L. water level
Yes, last Nov 23 it was at 7.06' below compromise (27.28 % full), and today it says 3.97' below (60.02 % full), so it's now 3 feet dee...
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Re: [a_bow_nut] Deer Creek open water ?
Thanks for that info, yes I've used that before, just a little harder to tie up to.
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Re: [a_bow_nut] Deer Creek open water ?
Do you know if there's a dock in the water at the main ramp, where I can tie the boat while I park the rig?
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Re: [TubeDude] Provo Harbor Dredge Updates
On a more optimistic note, the lake is now about 2 1/2 feet higher than it was at its lowest, last November. It's almo...
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