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Jun 22, 2004, 2:49 PM
Aug 31, 2004, 6:42 PM
C Mørk
Fishing, Poker, Horse Racing, Sports betting and anything Norwegian!
Fly Fishing
Forum Responses:

Re: [Justin_COS] Horseshoe Report
Ive lived in the ft collins/loveland area for a long time, and all that time Ive always thought or known that horseshoe is a pr...
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Re: [PescadorColorado] New to the State
Welcome to Colorado! If your talking about the ponds just off the freeway, I would have to say those are so poluted that ...
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Re: [Guest] Chatfield/Cherry Creek
To be honest the last thing I heard on Cherry Creek was the body that was found there... Im not to sure Id want any fish out o...
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Re: [BOB AND ANG] Chatfield/Cherry Creek
SO heres my question, where is the best place to shore fish at chatfield for walleye, I had a hell of time catching one ...
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Re: [Oats] Lilly Lake
wow! beautiful fish... Definately seems well worth the hike, now if I could only scrape up enough time to do something like that myself!
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Re: [Oats] Chatfield Walleyes or Smallmouth?
Walleyes are hitting hard lately near the dam in the early mornings, bascially all over on the north west side (near...
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Re: [Thor88] St. Vrain Ponds (formerly Barbour Ponds) ???
Im Thor88 from above (now a registered member, whoohoo!) I went out to the ponds the other evening, its...
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How do I change my email on my account?
I just opened my account on here the other day, and since then I have switched ISP's and have a new email address, I was ...
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Re: [davetclown] Fish Atractant
Ive been thinking of trying it but I was told that you cant get the smell off your hands heh
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Re: [PunkBass] Colorado trout fishing
with the runoff stuff almost done, Im ready for some fishing! I fish up in the poudre, which is west of Fort Collins, lots ...
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