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Title: Cool video
Description: Just a little storm I was caught out in.
Submit Date: Mon Jun 17 2013
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Registered User
Apr 29, 2010, 11:27 PM
Aug 23, 2017, 11:08 PM
Ken Raddon
Carpet Cleaning business owner
Fly Fishing
Monster rainbow at Yuba Res.

Loves to fish, sun up til sun down. Don't mind teaching a new guy if he pays for gas. Is that mean?
Forum Responses:

Re: [jmach] Power trip
or foot pegs and I was very disappointed about that
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Re: [jmach] Power trip
The current MA set up does not even have oars. The Renegade I had before had oars and it rowed ok. A heavy wind and you were standing stil...
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Re: [toongirl] Power trip
I have a Dave Scadden Mike Andreason model and use a 40 lb variable speed trolling motor.
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Re: [toongirl] Power trip
I looked up the capacity of that boat and it comes in at 400 lbs. I think that if you take off the battery and trolling motor and use t...
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Re: [Jonthecook] Fly choices for the Uintas
He's right about flies with peacock in them. My favorite is the peacock caddis for on top. Advice: Cast it out, count...
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Re: [REPETER] Where to get flies?
A few guys on here will sell flies, myself among them. In the Provo area there are two fly shops and the big box stores like Sp...
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Mirror Lake is open.
Best fly was a size 8 black mohair leech. Perfect weather, get up there as soon as you can.
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Re: [dannybanany] Fishing buddy
I love your name. Welcome to Utah. I fish Strawberry most weekends. You're welcome to meet me up there sometime.
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What's your purple of choice?
I mean mostly for a purple showgirl. What purple do you use? I use Tinsel chenille large purple/pearl.
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Report from Bryants Fork on the Berry
I fished from 11 til 430 and the conditions were cold and windy but I managed 6 fish on white. I say white because I used s...
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