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Jul 14, 2003, 7:43 AM
Jun 14, 2018, 1:22 PM
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Re: [catchinon] Dixie fishing
One option for catfish while in Cedar City would be Leigh Hill Pond (Lake on the Hill). They stock it with channel catfish. There s...
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Re: [Saltslam] What A Day!!!

Saltslam wrote:
It takes so long for them to get that big I enjoy letting the swim in hopes of catching them again.Actually, it does...

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Re: [LOAH] What A Day!!!
good job LOAH.Still wondering about Cliff.
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Re: [WET1] What A Day!!!

WET1 wrote:
I'm sure he did, but there are many methods to accomplish this without hanging them by the gills.Maybe you were there?Tongue

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Re: [Anglinarcher] Minnow Idenification

Anglinarcher wrote:
I do not know of any native Dace or Shiners in Utah.Virgin River spinedacespeckled dacewoundfin minn...

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Re: [WET1] What A Day!!!
I'm not being critical -- I don't care at all.but he included weights to the ounce. He must have weighed them to get that specific....
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Re: [WET1] What A Day!!!

WET1 wrote:
I also want to thank you for demonstrating the right way to handle those delicate trout when releasing them, no fingers in g...

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Re: [doggonefishin] Macks in theory

doggonefishin wrote:
Not exactly the same comparison but didn't one of your family catch a somewhat scragg...

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Re: [kentofnsl] Macks in theory

kentofnsl wrote:
I wish they would explain in the article if that creek flows into or out of Yellowstone Lake. ...

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Re: [gofish435] Minersville
Dad was out there again yesterday. The cloud cover produced some beneficial results:
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