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Nov 4, 2014, 11:59 AM
Mar 22, 2015, 5:18 AM
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I know how pro anglers choose spinning reel, but how you all choose them?
Hey again guys. So the spawn is quite close and I am looking for a new spinning reel. S...
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14-feet 800 pound Stingray Largest Freshwater fish
Sp reportedly new largest freshwater fish was caught by Jeff Corwin. Here is the full story : http://www.huffi...
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Re: [VenicCharters] Fishing with "Catching Hell"
I am soo looking forward to the end of winter. This pictures do no good for a restricted angler
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Re: [happybob91] A fishing line question
Buy braid and use the unexposed part of mono as backing. That`s what I would do.
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Re: [Paulypro] Gator tries to eat Bass
Great finds, you seem to have a decent channel!
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Re: [Paulypro] How to Foot Land a Bass
Great try, maybe it will evolve to a completely new fish landing technique in future?
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Seems to be a great community
Originally from Minnesota, but I am traveling around quite a bit so I don`t have permanent resident. Right now c...
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Re: [CitySlicker] Why throw back the big ones?
As far as I am concerned there is two biggest reasons for letting big ones go:1) Essentially you are giving a othe...
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Seems to be a great community
Hey fellas!Seems to be a big forum with a lot of fellow experience anglers over here. I have fished for about 15 years, never taken...
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