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Title: Florida's Topwater Peacock Bass Fishing
Description: Showing you guys you can catch topwater peacock bass in Florida just like in the Amazon
Submit Date: Fri Sep 09 2016
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Paul's pro frog This is an environment friendly and fish friendly frog,biodegratable,and a thinner hook for faster rust time if lost to a fish..heres a video as an example to my uncut and Unedited footage,enjoy Pau
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Date Submitted: Tue Aug 23 2016
Location: residential lake
State: Florida
Fish: Peacock Bass

Description:caught blind casting a topwater lure

Date Submitted: Sun Jul 10 2016
State: Florida
Fish: Peacock Bass

Description:caught late afternoon off a bed spin fishing a fly

Date Submitted: Mon Jun 08 2015
State: Florida
Fish: Peacock Bass

Description:Fish caught late evening,had to call home for someone to bring fishing scale 5 1/2lb exact, 5.8 on my Mustad scale.Fish was guarding a fry ball,caught on spinning rod casting small fly on 4lb test Nanofil line

Date Submitted: Wed Feb 19 2014
Location: Miami Hammocks Lake
State: Florida
Fish: Grass Carp

Description:bottom fishing using tree berries,using a 7.5 ft 3.5 lb fly tippet and 4 lb test main line,23 lb in the afternoon.

Date Submitted: Thu Oct 24 2013
Location: Miami
State: Florida
Fish: Peacock bass

Description:Just as we got to the landing and about to leave we spotted this Monster Peacock guarding its fry,hooked it on a Rattle trap

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Apr 13, 2011, 9:17 PM
May 16, 2018, 11:48 AM
L.A Cali.f La Marida
pool leek detector
Freshwater Fishing
16lb florida longnose gar 9 1/2p bass, huge pacu!.18p channel cat, 28 p carp

I can't exprss my good looks in words
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Peacock bass topwater fishing start of rainy season FL couple more fish in the video including biggest of the day. Coolest part was ...
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10' boat 15 hp + Crash! <- 2 people running the 15 hp <- Crash! during a solo run attempt 22 mph 2 peop...
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Snake Lure Bass
nice 4 1/2 lber on the snake! Its 3 floating worms from Luck E Strike melted together comes out to 16" even made a couple that were 22" just for ...
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State Record Jaguar Guapote
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (Having trouble viewing this email? View it as a Web page.) Sept. 5, 2017 Suggeste...
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Hurricane Irma Bassin'
caught some Bass sunday that afternoon still strong wind!
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Re: [liketrolling] Motor home in water at Flaming Gorge
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Re: [Darylchan] Mounting trolling motor on a pontoon boat
You probably would have to set up a rudder in the rear so it runs straight. I did so on my 10' bow moun...
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Trophy Topwater Peacock video FL
nice surpsise biggest of the year on topwater!
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Peacock Bass Topwater Professor During a Feeding Frenzy!
video~ Came across this feeding frenzy topwater and got probably the smalle...
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video~ Jon Boat Rowing Boating!
my 10' jon boat rowing.. 5.5 foot oars
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