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Title: Yellow-crowned Night Heron
Description: Fottage taken day after hurricane Sandy at night video shot using my fishing camera
Submit Date: Tue Nov 27 2012
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Paul's pro frog This is an environment friendly and fish friendly frog,biodegratable,and a thinner hook for faster rust time if lost to a fish..heres a video as an example to my uncut and Unedited footage,enjoy Pau
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Date Submitted: Wed Feb 19 2014
Location: Miami Hammocks Lake
State: Florida
Fish: Grass Carp

Description:bottom fishing using tree berries,using a 7.5 ft 3.5 lb fly tippet and 4 lb test main line,23 lb in the afternoon.

Date Submitted: Thu Oct 24 2013
Location: Miami
State: Florida
Fish: Peacock bass

Description:Just as we got to the landing and about to leave we spotted this Monster Peacock guarding its fry,hooked it on a Rattle trap

Date Submitted: Sat Jun 01 2013
Location: miami Lake Christopher
State: Florida
Fish: Albino Channel cat

Description:Huge Albino channel cat,about 20lb Hope you Like!

Date Submitted: Wed Oct 24 2012
Location: Hammocks lake west Kendall miami
State: Florida
Fish: Giant Blk Pacu

Description:caught using pork at night 2 am using an offset worm hook,32lber from shoar on 15lb powerpro

Date Submitted: Thu Oct 11 2012
Location: miami FL
State: Florida
Fish: Japanese common Carp

Description:Carp in FL accidentally foul hooked while spin casting a barbless fly size 6 eagle claw hook fishing the magic hour fish not weighed but released unharmed

About Me:

Registered User
Apr 13, 2011, 9:17 PM
Aug 6, 2014, 4:59 PM
L.A Cali.f La Marida
pool leek detector
Freshwater Fishing
16lb florida longnose gar 9 1/2p bass, huge pacu!.18p channel cat, 28 p carp

I can't exprss my good looks in words
Forum Responses:

Re: [davetclown] Official ice rod fish off contest
slowly breaking her in biggest so far is this Midas cichlid 2 1/2 lber i-bin/gf...
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Re: [Nick.Mihaiu] What type of fish is this?
a Warmouth is more likely to take a frog..
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Re: [Paulpro] Official ice rod fish off contest
Bakelite ice fishing rod from China retractable Ice rod "smallest model" There are different sizes but i didn't k...

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Re: [Paulpro] Almost record Midas Cichlid "Red Devil"
Video Lunker Red Devil cichlid almost record

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Almost record Midas Cichlid "Red Devil"
The IGFA World record for Midas cichlid is 2 3/4 lb,mine was 2 1/2 lb..and 13" Ever been close to a world record?
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Re: [theangler] Jewel cichlid Fishing underwater view
Thanks! Underwater footage using the Panasonic HX-WA03 camcorder with the FISH eye function ON in Macro Mod...
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Re: [BrazosKayak] Fishing adventure
Video Embeded by Florida moderator not Utah moderator

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Jewel cichlid Fishing underwater view

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Re: [Paulypro] Overloaded 10' Jon Boat 5 Adults
Some more footage,this time my cat jumps in and out of the boat and my nephew by himself running two bow mount Mo...

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Re: [theangler]
They just came out with a next size up from the Silver minnow..I believe it's a 3 1/2", been catching Bass at night here tro...
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