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Jun 11, 2012, 12:13 PM
Jul 20, 2012, 1:52 PM
Freshwater Fishing
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Re: [LOAH] Pflueger President Reel Question
Thanks y'all for the input. I'm using 6 lb. flouro on it, if that is more enlightening for anyone. When y'all say sli...
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Re: [kentofnsl] Pflueger President Reel Question
I don't think it's slipping. I had it spooled at Sportsman's Warehouse, although maybe the guy who did it messed...
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Pflueger President Reel Question
Hey y'all, I have a potentially embarrassing noob question. I recently purchased a Pflueger President 6930 and took it out to De...
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New to Missouri
Hello everyone, I'm moving from Utah to Missouri at the end of July, and am excited to continue fishing out there. In Utah, BFT is the most activ...
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Re: [DKStroutfitter] snaggers and netters
Is there any law that says we can't post the names of DNR officers who don't enforce these laws when they're reported ...
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Re: [LurkinLizard] 6/11/12 Skunked at Deer Creek
Ha ha, nice. The ONE thing I had in my box that I didn't try. I was really hoping for some pan fish, but a bow o...
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Re: [SBennett] Red hot Deer Creek!
This is such a pleasant counterpoint to my post from yesterday. I'm definitely heading back up there soon. Glad y'all tore it ...
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Re: [RapalaUt] 6/11/12 Skunked at Deer Creek
Thanks for the heads up Rapala. Maybe I'll get up at 4 some time and hit it for a few hours before work. Hopefully I...
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Re: [Jazzperch1] 6/11/12 Skunked at Deer Creek
Awesome, thanks. I identified some likely points and inlet areas on Google maps, and looks like I'll be hiking up ...
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Re: [Podsixia] 6/11/12 Skunked at Deer Creek
Another good thing about that other side is that they probably don't/can't charge 10 freaking bucks just to use the ...
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