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Title: Ice Bustin' At Flaming Gorge
Description: What guys will do to chase trophy lake trout in January on Utah/Wyoming's Flaming Gorge National Recreational Area
Submit Date: Sat Jan 24 2009
Rating: 4.37                    

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Nov 11, 2008, 5:49 PM
Jul 26, 2016, 8:39 PM
Forum Responses:

Re: [RDRRM8E] Lost ice auger?
Bump to top one more time! If you have a friend or neighbor who lost their auger, let them know!
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Re: [RDRRM8E] Lost ice auger?
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Lost ice auger?
Found a nice ice auger. Looks brand new. PM me where you lost it, the date you lost it, make and diameter and I'll get it back to you. I'd be pre...
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Re: [Elkoholic] Hyrum tourny fog
Better sometimes to be more lucky than good. Either way, the payouts for first and second totaled $3100. $1800 for first and $13...
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Re: [cheesechucker] Ice fishing at night
Try burbot at night. When it hot, it's fun!
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Re: [flyhunt] Bear Lake
That lake can change so fast. One good wind storm and the lake will be open and all the ice piled on the east side or the south end. If y...
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Re: [submoa] Fishing with Ashley FG Burbot
I said it before but fishing for burbot at night from the boat is as much fun as I've had fishing in a while! People j...
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Re: [perchound] Gorge Friday Night/WOW!
Great catch! I went last weekend with him and it was so much fun catching ling from the boat at night! I'll bet Ash was a...
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Re: [fishley] FG 11/11/11 LING A DING!
Not a bad haul for one night, hey, Ash? Each bag is between 2-3 lbs of burbot fillets. That was an incredible trip. For th...
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Re: [sunplay] Mack keepers for the Gorge
Well, I don't believe I'm the typical BFT poster but if you wish to assume that, than so be it and to assume I believe t...
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