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Oct 16, 2002, 2:26 PM
Jan 6, 2006, 3:46 PM
Clint Sorensen

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Re: [HFT] Lost creek report
Last time I was up there it was alot faster, but it to had a couple of slow times. I guess I had my hopes set a little to high.
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Lost creek report
I was up there Sat. It was a little slow. I started with a white sparkle jig and a white feather jig (tube dude made them). They caught me 5 fi...
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Re: [TubeDude] Eskimo Ice shelter
BLM, I tried there web site and it was down yesterday. I'll try again today. I found their quickflip III for $319 on line. It i...
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Eskimo Ice shelter
Does anybody know what store in northern utah has this line of shelters? Do you know anybody who has one? any info would be great.
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Re: [PREDATOR] Is lost creek closed?
Predator, after you left it picked up slightly and Josh caught a 14"-16" cutthroat. It looked like a whale compared to the r...
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Re: [TubeDude] Tube Dude bought me lunch
I did not see any other elk or deer. The kids loved the train ride! On the way home we did witness a big rig roll on its...
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Re: [RainbowSparkle] Under water cameras?
I hope that you guys with the cameras are coming to the dutch oven dinner on ice so I can play with them and possibly t...
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Tube Dude bought me lunch
Went to Arizona to see family this past week and while I was there I met up with tube dude. He took me to lunch and then to his home to...
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Under water cameras?
Does anybody own one of these cameras? Do they work well? I have played with one at strawberry once but it was to murky to see. Does it have...
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Re: [PREDATOR] Woodruff res.
What a great day it was! I only caught 4 fish lost 2 and missed way to many bites. All my fish were caught on a fire fly. I tried fo...
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