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Date Submitted: Sat May 12 2012
Location: Grantsville Reservoir
State: Utah
Fish: Brown Trout

Description:Full moon, shore, goldfish swim bait over rocks.

About Me:

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May 11, 2012, 9:40 PM
Apr 20, 2019, 10:34 PM
Ronald Levine
Interests: Finding The Single Young Lady For Me, of course! For that special single young lady, skip down to me using this profile as my personal dating website and my "Latest updated date proposal." I prefer to fish with others. I have lots of quality equipment of mostly all fishing styles with plenty of extras to be able to invite others to fish with me. I like to learn new styles of fishing, so pick one or invite me to fish your way. Does anyone here in landlocked Utah Surf Fish? I have several sets of new unused surf fishing equipment and I need to learn and practice surf casting for distance. I have the best equipment specifically for that, so if you know how to surf cast, let's practice. I want to become proficient at that before I schedule a vacation to an ocean coast. Guys, about my age who are fathers of single young ladies, let's fish and talk about the future, preparedness and about you wanting the best for your daughter. What I offer is oddly, at least to me, the opposite of what is sought in these good times when preparedness is still possible. Instead, young ladies often seek guys based on idolatry of the sports car or other such nonsense that soon won't mean a thing. No rush because in the harsh times to come, what I offer will be the only thing sought. Life is easy now. But, I'll be uniquely able to provide the most for our future children to prosper and live in freedom in times when that seems impossible for those who likely won't survive much longer. New information only recently possible from the human genome project shows I have genetic advantages that match what my grandfather told me of lots of death and hardship for two thousand years in my ancestry which described survival of the fittest. That explains a lot in my life and now I find the genetic advantages of which some are very rare which includes: "Ronald, your genetic muscle composition is common in elite power athletes. Studies have found that almost all elite power athletes (including sprinters, throwers, and jumpers) have a specific genetic variant in a gene related to muscle composition. You have the same genetic variant as these elite athletes." I'd much prefer the rare like minded young lady to find me now to enjoy these good times while they last and for us to raise our family to thrive in what will be a sad and harsh reality for mostly everyone else. Your future grandchildren and great grandchildren will be a successful part of the future. Single young lady fisher, I would love to start a family, so the special one for me has family desires, too. We should meet. Let's go fishing! OR we can go see a movie /dinner. How about flying or water skiing? See the Air Chair in my profile picture. Wake boards and skis available, too. I date exclusively to explore marriage possibilities. You may be shy and that's alright, but if you are, then overcome it just once to private message me as that is specifically invited. Otherwise, I wouldn't know to ask you on a date because telepathy isn't one of my superpowers. Besides, how else are we going to discuss preparing our future children to prosper in the challenges of the world we are about to get! Date Proposal for the adventurous: dinner, a state park, jeep trails, fishing and waterskiing. Movie date proposal: Dinner, movie and discuss fishing adventure planning. If we like each other, then come to my company's Christmas Party with me and meet some of my friends. I have months of vacation time saved up, so let's plan fishing trips, too! I have a few sets of surf fishing equipment, so let's go surf fishing. We'll choose from 220,000 miles of coastline! If anyone sees Laura Kroft, please give her a message from me. I invite her to go ice fishing. I know she is probably busy, so tell her also that we will hunt archeological finds and it will be an adventure and we'll save the world. Revision: Well, the actor is already married and the character is fictional (Who knew!), but I would hope to find enough courage in a young lady to be able to put a worm on a hook!
Industrial Automation
Saltwater Fishing
I've fished several reservoirs and I enjoy fishing new and different places and there are still many places in Utah that I should experience, so please introduce me to your favorites. Let's fish!
My first experience fly fishing from the Provo River bank was very difficult getting there, but worth hiking through all the vegetation along the bank to seemingly far away from any sign of civilization. Where I finally stopped to fish seemed excellent d

Technical, methodical, creative, phenomenal good health and superpowers which should be of interest to single young ladies desiring to marry me to pass on these qualities to our future children and grandchildren. Let's discuss the possibilities while fishing!
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