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Registered User
Aug 1, 2008, 9:18 AM
May 26, 2009, 8:29 PM

Cody McLaughlin
Waiter (Happy Joes)
Freshwater Fishing
The Mississippi River, Various Ponds/Lakes
10lb Northern Pike

My name is Cody, I live in Iowa in a small town named Maquoketa. I enjoy fishing a great deal, I have only been fishing for a year or two.
Forum Responses:

Re: [IvanM1] Current Setup (Rod & Reel)
That makes sense. I'm also going to try a medium heavy baitcasting rod soon, becuase i'm going to try my hand at baitcast...
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Re: [idotxdermy2] Lures
Few Questions!-What kind of waters are you fishing?-Is there any structure (Fallen trees, underwater plant-life, etc.)-Any other things y...
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Re: [hawghunter1] How to fish EXTREMELY heavy cover?
Have you tried a 30lb braid or higher? There should be no problems using those lines. Good luck!
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Re: [bytebull] Spinner baits (all varieties)
Spinners are by far my favorite tackle to stock up on. I've caught Pike, Largemouth, Smallmouth, I even hooked a Dru...
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Re: [hawghunter1] Favorite Pre Spawn Lure
Rage Toads, X-Raps, Spinners of all kinds, ummm......Still trying stuff out, I kinda suck, I'm still learning. :P
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Re: [pwilson] pond fish
Bahh I'd just switch spots lol. I'm intolerant like that.
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Re: [hawghunter1] Info on Flurocarbon
I dont know how much I trust Fluro anymore, everytime I try and spool it on I friggin twist it up becuase I dont pull tigh...
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Re: [BrianID] Good day for a topwater junkie
Well said my friend! Very nice fish you got there I might add! Great job! Hope to catch a hawg this summer myself, b...
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Re: [BassinBEAST] Banjo Minnows!!!
Me and my Advanced Bio teacher were going to go halfsies on a set of these bad boys and we never got around to it! I'm glad th...
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Re: [bytebull] Senko Success!

bytebull wrote:
Simp wrote:
Yep. well, from the pier connected to the shore. Again, a day of nothing. But I'm getting real good at ...

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