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Title: Fishing With Live Crabs!
Submit Date: Sun Apr 03 2016
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Mar 27, 2016, 11:17 AM
Dec 11, 2019, 11:21 AM
Christopher Takahashi
Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii
Diver, Fisherman
Saltwater Fishing
North Shore, Oahu
850lb Pacific Blue Marlin

Videographer, bowler, billiard player, diver, boat captain, malacologist, fisherman.
Forum Responses:

My Favorite Popping Jig Rig!
Okuma's All Purpose Shoreline Rig! Okuma's HCS 9'6" Shoreline Plugger & Rockaway 6K Long Distance Spinner has been released for 2020...
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Spooling My Blue Azores Spinner w/Braid!
Using My Fishon Big Water Spooler To Spool My Okuma Reel! How To Do It Yourself! Ok, i can say this fishing line spooler...
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Fishing At Night? How I Repel Darn Mosquitoes!
I got it from a local Don Quixote store in their camping section. I see Stansports mosquito ne...
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Fishing At Night? How I Repel Darn Mosquitoes!
The Best Mosquito Defense I've Found:) Tropical climates are the worst for mosquitos. Especially at night & when ...
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What Makes For A Good Sand Spike Rod Holder?
Understanding The Positives & Negatives Of Sand Spikes! I've been asked by many surf casters abroad what i look for ...
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How I Modify My Palomar & Uni Knot For Braid & Mono!
The Secret To A Good Modified Knot Is To Create FRICTION! Over the years i found ways to slightly alter my m...
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How I Prepare My Rig Before Popping Lures!
Using Okuma's HC Popping Rod w/a Cedros 14K Spinner Spooled By Big Water Line Spooler! Why would you spend hundreds of...
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Maintenance & User Tips For Spinning Reels!
Lubricating My Okuma Surf 8K & Tips For All Spinning Reels! How does one take proper care of their spinning reel? Mos...
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All Purpose Surf Casting Leader!
I Use This Successfully In Hawaii For Bonefish & Jacks! This leader system has proven useful from Maine to Florida, Isla de Pasc...
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Collecting Sand Fleas For Bait!
Trying Out My NEW Aluminum Sand Flea Rake - Also Known As Sand Turtles! Every sand flea that i caught was devoured within minutes...
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