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Title: Fishing With Live Crabs!
Submit Date: Sun Apr 03 2016
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Mar 27, 2016, 11:17 AM
Feb 15, 2019, 8:49 PM
Christopher Takahashi
Kapolei, Oahu, Hawaii
Diver, Fisherman
Saltwater Fishing
North Shore, Oahu
850lb Pacific Blue Marlin

Videographer, bowler, billiard player, diver, boat captain, malacologist, fisherman.
Forum Responses:

How I Prepared Fishing Leaders & Gear For Day & Night Spinning!
How I Prepared Gear For Okuma's Visiting Anglers! I had to get everything ready to take Jeff Robl...
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Re: [Fishtopher] Has anyone ever seen a trumpet fish this big?
That's the biggest "Nunu" i've ever seen! cords_d.cfm?ID=622
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How I Prepare & Store My Whipping "Spin Casting" Rigs!
What Is A Whipping Rig? A local term in Hawaii referring to the look of a Spin Castor casting his line. To...
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Freshwater & Saltwater 1pc Inshore Rod!
Epixor Inshore 1pc Rods By Okuma! I've ALWAYS wanted & loved 1-piece rods over any other type of rod. My first GT rod was...
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Epixor Reel + SST Rod = Inspired Fishing!
Okuma Epixor Combined With A SST: Versatile Spinning Combo! For ultra-light to medium strength shoreline rigs Okuma's ...
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It's Here! Okuma's Blue Azores For 2019!
Japanese Blue Azores Modified For American Anglers! Okuma brought back the overseas edition of the Asian Azores Spinning...
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How To Catch & Store Live Bait While Fishing!
How I Catch Live Bait On Site & Keep Them Alive! I recently tried fishing using live bait with success. So i decide...
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Double Stingray & Bonefish Morning!
It's whenever i can get out of the house! Lol
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Double Stingray & Bonefish Morning!
Wow, I couldnít even guess. The first hit is by far the largest and fattest Iíve ever seen of that species...
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Okuma Surf Rig vs Massive GT Strike!
Can Okuma's Azores 65 Spinner & Cedros 11' Surf Rod Handle A Monster GT Strike? A great way to start 2019 with the biggest s...
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