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Registered User
Feb 10, 2004, 8:01 PM
Jul 14, 2018, 11:49 AM
Frank Manuele
lure design and making lures
Walden, NY
retired health care specialis
Freshwater Fishing
any place few anglers know about
Giant pan fish, 7 and 8 lb bass.

5'6" and getting older by the minute
Forum Responses:

Re: [1Cast1Fish] Building Confidence with New Baits
Confidence in any lure is more than half the battle (no pun intended). I'm fortunate in being able to craft s...
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Re: [Uncle_Arnie] how to make a thin tail grub -no mold needed
Oh well, thats life. i cant stand getting information from social media platform. I will happily p...
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Re: [SenkoSam] Lure modification can make a big difference !
All you need is a candle, some plastic lures and a bit of an imagination. Many of my stored plastics...
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Lure modification can make a big difference !
Lure modification can make all the difference !!! Don't shoot the author. These ideas have served me and others wel...
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Re: [Uncle_Arnie] how to make a thin tail grub -no mold needed
That post was two years ago. Surprised anyone replied. Too bad got greedy and the ...
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Re: [lskiles] Is monofilament dead?
The tough part, once the brake is set right, is: Better reels allow for lighter lures to be cast but there are limits. 1/32 -...
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Re: [lskiles] Is monofilament dead?
You may have more luck casting braid on a baitcaster than mono or f/c.
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Selling soft plastic lures not easy
I've been asked by some to sell some of the lures I make and why I don't mass produce them for sale. Let be up front - I don'...
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Is monofilament dead?
I like most of you grew up using monofilament line and have noticed improvements over the years.
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Re: [Bps392600] I need advice

Bps392600 wrote:
Does the color or presentation matter ? How do you use a plastic worm ? What hook size. For large mouth bass May I...

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