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Feb 10, 2004, 8:01 PM
Aug 18, 2019, 3:35 AM
Frank Manuele
lure design, making and testing lures
Freshwater Fishing
any place few anglers know about
Giant pan fish, 7 and 8 lb bass.
Forum Responses:

Re: [Lilfishergirl] Best freshwater fishing lure
Visited the site and there wasn't much to look at except a box of soft plastics that don't always contain the sa...
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Re: [AndrewEscobar] Tackle Box Suggestions?
I've used this box with 10 boxes included with various compartments for 4 yr.s. Anything that won't fit I carry in on...
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Re: [slip.sinker] Heat of the Summer Shallow Fishing For Crappie and Blue Gill
I was schooled hit the deep edge breaks and drop-offs… hit the deepwater flats… fi...
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Re: [lskiles] Lake has astounded me this year with numbers caught !
Follow up. Yesterday I just had to fish the lake to try more lure designs before the weather ...
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60,60,108 and 96 fish in 4 outings in July
It's a very weird year on this one local lake I've fished for years. The numbers in the title were fish caught on diff...
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Re: [SenkoSam] Lake has astounded me this year with numbers caught !
As a follow up, my partner and I caught 108 fish 7/12/19 and 96 fish today. He stuck on usin...
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Re: [woodyyyy] Fishing challenge! Second episode
Would have replied sooner if I had seen your post. As far as quality soft plastic lures, it always depends on a ...
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Lake has astounded me this year with numbers caught !
Maybe it's because my fishing style has change, but each time I fish this lake I catch over 40 fish and in ...
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Strange shape catches all species
Haven't tried any of the ones in the photo yet. Too busy creating other hybrids and testing them. So far so ...
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60 fish - in July no less !
I found a flat 6' deep that has held a large number of panfish for days. Nice thing since I seem to be the only angler that knows how...
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