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Feb 10, 2004, 8:01 PM
Dec 5, 2019, 5:53 AM
Frank Manuele
lure design, making and testing lures
Freshwater Fishing
any place few anglers know about
Giant pan fish, 7 and 8 lb bass.
Forum Responses:

Re: [jamesn1] Best Water Softener Cleaner Review 2019
Too bad this forum allows spam.
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Re: [Hank_Gilbertson] Popular Fall/Winter Bass Bait Tips/Hacks
The lures in the video wouldn't work under the ice but might work beforehand. As far as lures go, ...
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Re: [sofbud] Freshwater Fishing for newbies
Softbud, was this a report or was there a question?
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Re: [Jmorfish] New lures that have proven themselves this year
You're welcome. Gives me a chance to relay ideas others might consider using or wonder about vs th...
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New lures that have proven themselves this year
As everyone knows from reading my post, I innovate soft plastic designs and test them on fish in local waters. So...
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The right stuff
It occurredto me the other half of the equation when it comes to finesse or any other presentation while fishing with someone yesterday that doe...
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Re: [lskiles] Beginners tips!
Thanks for positive reply. Here's what I use and love it ! Ebay or Amazon sells Kastking line braid - I use 8# test/ 2# diameter on...
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Re: [techbud] Beginners tips!
Agree with you about cheap tackle getting the job done for most fish species fished for, but not about braid. Braid casts beautiful...
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Re: [Lilfishergirl] Best freshwater fishing lure
I hope his products sell. "Best freshwater lures" includes a very large number of different baits - many that ar...
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Re: [Lilfishergirl] Best freshwater fishing lure
Visited the site and there wasn't much to look at except a box of soft plastics that don't always contain the sa...
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