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Mar 1, 2015, 11:00 AM
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F.E. Madill Environmental Class Help Fin Clip Rainbows
Today was the big day, 14 Students & 4 Adults from FE Madill High School in Wingham met us at the Kincardi...
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1,000's of Rainbow Trout Fingerling & 10,000's Salmon Alevin
Visited both of the Lake Huron Fishing Club Trout & Salmon Hatcheries this week & took a little vide...
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LHFC Salmon Alevin are doing great
The hatch is long over & the Alevin are growing nicely, 5 new school's this year & lots of babysitters to help take care of th...
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LHFC School Salmon Hatchery Program leaps into the Future
This is going to be a big year for us & we've expand into Waterloo & Guelph, the Guelph Resurrection Ch...
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LHFC School Salmon Hatchery Program Expands Again
We started off with 1 school in 2010, 3 schools in 2011, a $6,000.00 grant from Libro Financial Group allowed u...
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Salmon Eggs are hatching
I was sent a message that Brookside had 100% hatched on Friday & the rest of the schools are reporting they have all started to hatch, t...
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North Port Elementary School Promotes the LHFC School Salmon
Sent an e-mail from Al explaining their day at the school & the Principal sent his Message From The...
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Video of Salmon Egg to Fry to Release
Last year Salmon Hatchery in Review, forgot I even did this Tight Lines SBK http://lhfcschoolhatcheries.blogspo
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LHFC Membership push to help fund the Hatcheries
Guys, This has been borrowed from another Forum for those of you that hit the Saugeen up & are enjoying the fant...
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Libro/LHFC School Salmon Hatchery Program grows to 10
8 hours & 270 Km later, 7 of the 10 School Salmon Hatcheries were set up by Myself & Mike Blumhagen & the o...
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