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Mar 27, 2006, 5:21 PM
Jan 17, 2011, 9:06 AM

Stan Wright
Fishing, photography, travel, Boy Scouts
Fly Fishing
Forum Responses:

Carp Question
I've been contacted to help catch carp for a carp age study.I'm guessing these guys think we're going to go out on my boatand have 10 or 15 carp fo...
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Tenkara for Baby Bass
I went by the lake today to see how the little bass were doing... the ones the hatchery were stocking in the lake last Sunday. I found them...
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Re: [ditchbanker] Tenkara for a new fly fisherman?
Good advise on visiting a club or fly shop. Even hiring a guide... you can learn so much. One of the club memb...
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Hawaii Flats Fishing
Clay, over at Nervous Water, told me our bud and Sims rep, John Sherman was in town recently and had a pretty epic trip to Hawaii. He fished...
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Hawaii Bonefishing
Hawaii OioI've heard reports this week of some nice bonefish being caught..... some of the larger ones topping 9 pounds. They are not all that...
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Re: [I_fish_inside] Indoor Fishing
Sounds kinda like some of those floating piers they have on lakes in Texas. Resturant, tackle shop, fully enclosed.Heated in W...
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Re: [ThayerCabin] Mystery Fish
I'll guess it's a salmon... most of the males get that hooked jaw just before they spawn and die.
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An Observation
An Observation I've noticed a lot more people we fish with.... especially kids.... are fishing like they were competing in the Bass Masters Classi...
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Hawaii Peacock Bass Are Spawning
Hawaii Peacock Bass Are Spawning Just 2 days after we found the peacock bass paired up and claiming a spot to spawn...the rain c...
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Re: [StuckInTheSwamp] Fishing Scale Suggestions?
Boga Grip... you can even get the IGFA to certify them if you like. If your worried about weighing a fish by hol...
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