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Apr 13, 2007, 4:06 PM
Mar 21, 2012, 6:54 PM
Terry Mohler
Fishing , Kayaking , Boating , Women , Beer , Ciguars , Trucks , Fishing , Movies , Money.

Forum Responses:

I've been fishing SC cost for years because its closer to me and thats just were I have alway went. I know how to hook flounder , trout, drum and others. I ...
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Re: [Tarpon4me] trip over
Lower side of Pawly's. Between the 2 of us we got 34 in 3 day's. Then we tryed surf for a time with not much but blues. Got a few whiti...
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trip over
Just got back from my trip and it was with some success. Ist day got 16 trout , 2nd day got 7 more. Totol for me and my better 1/2 got 34 trout few spo...
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Re: [Tarpon4me] What's Going On?
sent you a little info on my trip down to your hotmail. can't wait to get away for some long over due vacation. Now I have to wo...
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Re: [Tarpon4me] What's Going On?
When I get my dates set, I'll do just that.
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Re: [T-bone1] What's Going On?
odds are I want be down until this fall , Oct.or Nov. Kinda like you I've not done any fishing since the spring. Had a few good tr...
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What's Going On?
Not been on here in a long time, Just want to know what's being hooked in the creeks and surf near Pawlys Island or Huntington State Park. I've ...
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Re: [Tarpon4me] Weather
I'd really like to do something like that . I'm never been out with some one , one on one , to show me the ropes of fishing off sure. A g...
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Ever want the weather to be nice. This time I wanted it to be not so nice. Was fishing on a cool morning one day and fishing was good. The next day , ver...
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Re: [horns] Isle of Palm Surf Fishing
shrimp and cut bait (mullet) would do for all that you have said.
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