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Aug 26, 2010, 11:36 AM
Aug 31, 2017, 2:06 PM
auto mechanic
Freshwater Fishing
Utah Lake
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Lincoln Beach and toxic algae
I have recently started to bow fish for carp around the lincoln beach area. I normally just put on swim trunks and wade in. But wit...
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Re: [ChasinFins] Don't take advantage
I'm going on a trip to Newport Beach in a few months and I'm hoping to do some ocean fishing while I'm there. I also found...
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Re: [MasterDaad] D.C. Hot
Thanks for those instructions, I want to try it. I'm confused on what the second clip with the shower curtain hanger is for. Also can y...
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Re: [Boatloadakids] Lincoln Friday
We were out there Friday morning also and had two quick bites and that was it. We tried by the orchards, by the springs and we...
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Re: [Boatloadakids] More Lincoln stuff
How is the water level at the ramp? I'm thinking of taking my 18' boat out on Friday but only using the trolling motor. Go...
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Re: [tubeN2] Patriot Sportfishing, (North)
Bump Again I'm headed to Newport Beach this spring, and I'd like to take my son out ocean fishing. I've spent my whole...
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Re: [Blackellunge] Yuba water levels
I know my boat is out of the question, but Is there enough water there for a float tube?
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Re: [Lundman] How to Use the Courtesy Dock
Well said. However, I just want to point out that solo boaters will need to park their boat at the dock while they pa...
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Re: [cje04] Interpreting Fish Finders
I've learned a lot from this site. They are trying to sell DVDs, but there is some good free info if you browse around. I a...
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Re: [albinotrout] New fangled house boat anyone?
I doubt it does very well in rough water.
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