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Sep 18, 2009, 10:57 PM
Sep 20, 2009, 11:05 PM
Freshwater Fishing
small bayou's and large rivers

I like fishing(Drinking), obviously playing on the internet, Working, and basically anything interesting that comes my way. ZEBCO/SHIMANO~~~Sponsor me!!!!!!!
Forum Responses:

Re: [tanman89] what's your favorite lure/bait?
I agree, i dont know what name brand red-shad me and my bud were using but ive got tones of hits(never caught a ba...
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Manchac Catfishing
I have only fished there but once but i know there are big catfish in lake manchac. Anyone know what time of year the catfish are biting the b...
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Re: [ajd_972] This is where i fish and always catch gar
That looks like a pretty good catfish hole. If i was you id play around with chumming the water with some...
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Re: [tanman89] Hot Dogs for carp and catfish
Ive fished in areas were catfish wouldnt bite worms or stinkbait, and i found hotdogs are always good 2 bring with a...
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