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Feb 3, 2003, 7:02 PM
Aug 13, 2019, 9:16 PM
Brandon Park
Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Hiking, Computers, Tinkering, ATV's.
Pleasant View
Forum Responses:

Re: [kentofnsl] Fish Lake 7/30 thru 8/2 trolling
How big were the kokes?
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Re: [fish_fanatic] Outboard motor Question
I second the thoughts of calling OMC. You can significantly reduce your fouling issues if you run Amsoil 2 stroke oil...
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Re: [Outfishing13] Jordanelle Kokanee Limit
Very nice!
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Re: [LT-perch] Porcupine kokanee
Every once in a while you'll get a year class that gets 14-15". It doesn't happen often enough though.My older neighbor says bac...
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Causey
We caught the kokes at 15 feet. Didn't mark many fish deeper than that.That place is a zoo. They go everywhere, and most of them don't ...
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Re: [TT600] Causey
That place is just a zoo any more with all the paddle boarders/kayakers out there. I was there about a week ago with my daughter. We were targ...
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Re: [Patchydog] Need help with trolling motor
I agree with patchydog. You could also have water in the carb bowl. Condensation, or fuels containing ethanol are a...
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Re: [Cowboypirate] Whiskey Island Grayling - Crazy Hot
That's still a lot of snow! Glad you made it in. Those grayling are a cool fish.
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Re: [trophyboat] flaming gorge 06-28-19
That's awesome!
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Re: [liketrolling] took two kids to Strawberry
That's really awesome Robert! Strong work.
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