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Apr 5, 2007, 12:12 PM
Jul 22, 2019, 5:18 AM
Matt Madsen

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Re: [Anglinarcher] Anyone use Zara or Spooks?
Just pointing out that I have never heard of the term "slap bait". Not interested in becoming the name police !!
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Re: [PACKFAN] Anyone use Zara or Spooks?
Never heard them called "slap baits". Spooks are made by Heddon and are the original in a class of baits called "dog wal...
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Re: [MrShane] Flaming Gorge koke limits
Just a thought, how many of those fish are stocked/spawned in Wyoming?? My understanding is the majority of the stocked f...
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Re: [Bduck] New boater advice.
Regardless of the water, over the past 20+ years I have found that you have to get on the water early and get off the water early...
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Re: [ChrisJacobson] Utah Res. Contour Maps Help
Online, no ! Utah does not have any waters that the big companies like Navionics want to spend the money on. Best...
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Re: [ice_sled] Circle hook experiment
You can't use a normal hookset with circle hooks. If you give it the old " cross their eyes" hookset, you will miss most of...
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Re: [ditchpickle98] East Canyon Report
Fish the flats on the upper end of the lake where the stream comes in !!! They are up in the grass feeding on everything t...
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Re: [betterthanwork] Trolling Plate Question
Here is a better solution than a troll plate and will give you contnrol in the wind. Use your electric unless you ne...
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Re: [WET1] New Strawberry Fees
I refuse to pay the fees at both Strawberry/Soldier Creek and Pineview. I have not fished either for over 20 years because of the ...
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Re: [kentofnsl] Wow, what a trip - sturgeon report
I was just rereading this thread and remembered that there is a video out there of Roland Martin fighting a 6-...
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