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Date Submitted: Sat Nov 21 2015
State: Utah
Fish: Tiger Muskellunge

Description:Just plain dumb luck. Pineview off Cemetery Point 7:30 AM 5 June 2005 fishing with a coworker, casting salt and pepper 3" tube jigs.

About Me:

Registered User
May 25, 2011, 6:13 AM
May 27, 2018, 3:22 PM
Retired Military
Freshwater Fishing
Willard Bay, East Canyon, Rockport, Lost Creek, Hyrum, Cutler Marsh and Benson Marina
Fresh water: 48 inch 30 lb. Tiger Musky at Pineview 2005
Forum Responses:

Re: [catchinon] Excellent day at Mantua
Mantua can be a great place to take kids. But it gets quite dodgy when the power squadron hits the water. IMHO too small ...
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Re: [Tin-Can] 2018 Cat Contest - Tin Can
Finally filled my board. Now to keep bumping the sizes. Willard Bay 5/26/2018 19 inches
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Re: [dubob] Anyone having a problem with the site
I was using IE for the first several years on BFT for that same reason, better font, color, and loading photos ...
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Willard with my Mate
outLooking at possibly only one good weather day this Memorial Day weekend, we got on to south marina about 7:30, and on the water before 8:...
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Re: [TinCansMate] 2018 Cat Contest- TinCansMate
Tin-Can posting Mate's Cats from Willard Bay yesterday, 26 May 2018 Willard Bay 19.5 inch 20.0 inch
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Anyone having a problem with the site
Curt, had noticed this post several days ago, but had not opened it . I see today there are many members...
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Friday river hooky
Took today off. Got to Bear River Bird Refuge just about 630 ish. Beautiful day starting. Plan was to spend no more than 1 hour on any one spo...
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Re: [Boatloadakids] A lovely day with BLK 5-24-18
Lynn, if you get out to BI tomorrow, you just leave my 36 incher wherever you find it. I need something to get ...
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Re: [TubeDude] Utah Lake Festival June 2
Hey Pat, was that you that Lynn was badmouthing.....? Ah, I'm sure he didn't mean anything disrespectful with that comme...
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Re: [Boatloadakids] Utah Lake Festival June 2
Whoever could you possibly be referring to with that mug shot remark..... as if I didn't know.......... Wife and I ...
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