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Registered User
Mar 9, 2016, 7:15 PM
May 27, 2017, 4:13 AM
Northern Utah
heavy equipment operator
Freshwater Fishing
Flaming gorge,bear lake(never in the summer!) willard bay (it's real close)
33inch laker (Update) 34 inch Laker

I rarely keep a fish, with the exception of Kokanee hard to beat smoked salmon! And a walleye on occasion.
Forum Responses:

Re: [a_bow_nut] Map of Flaming George
Wow! How did I manage to miss that! Thanks .
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Re: [MisterCompletely] Map of Flaming George
That's a great map, the only other area I have heard of that not on there is breeze hill, and I have no idea where i...
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Re: [jaybird77] Hello From AZ
You do know that July 24th is a Utah state holiday right? it will be more crowded than usual, but its a big lake, so it never gets ...
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Re: [Tin-Can] Boat Ramp Etiquette
good reminders, I cant for the life of me figure out why people leave their boat trailers in the water more than absolutely ne...
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Late Willard bay report
Fished Willard on Thursday the 6th, trolled three hours in the morning, and only hooked one fish that came unbuttoned after only a couple...
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Re: [RockyRaab] Inflatable Lifevest
I have three of the cabelas's A/M inflatables, they are comfortable to wear, I hope to never find out if they actually inflat...
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Re: [amik] Willard on Sunday
The one sure thing about Willard is that there is no sure thing, I did pretty good last year, fairly consistent on wipers and walle...
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Re: [Crestliner36] 2 or 4 Cycle Boat Motors
Depends on if you are looking for a portable or not,two strokes are lighter and if you are ok mixing oil with your ga...
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Re: [dubob] Fire extinguishers on boats
Just because your extinguisher shows charged and the date is good doesn't necessarily mean it's ready to go, the agent in...
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Re: [Tin-Can] Willard polecat
That was probably me, if it was a Yamaha powered black Thunderjet, I had my wife drop me off as I hate launching by myself mostly b...
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