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Sep 2, 2002, 1:14 PM
Jan 28, 2015, 4:48 PM
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Pat S.
Fishing, Tubing, Photography, Writing, Cooking, Rod Building, Fly Tying, Lure Making, etc.
Salt Lake City, UT
Utah Lakes & Streams
12 foot shark (Not in Utah)

A big ol' dude who has been float tube fishing for over 50 years.
Forum Responses:

Re: [DeadI] Deer Creek ramp?
Deer Creek has been placed on the list of "infected" lakes...quagga mussels...due to finding some larvae in last fall's water sampli...
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Re: [MasterDaad] Perch in Strawberry
Perch were plentiful in Strawberry, prior to the first big rotenone treatment in September of 1961. I was one of hundreds of...
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Anyone having problem with back button
Running Firefox. Yes, occasionally several of the Utah boards will not allow going back...with only one...
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Re: [fishday] world record yellow perch
Cascade is a large body of water and the fish move in our local waters. But there are a couple of good tac...
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Re: [Fin-S-Fish] Strawberry: Ice Crawdads
Ahhh yes. You are no doubt referring to my treasured pictures of in the attached.

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Re: [gmwahl] Perch,How small is too small?
I too hate to waste good edible fish flesh. And I have kept and filleted a bunch of "bitty bites" over the years. Here...
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Re: [zman2] Quagga in DC

zman2 wrote:
just a question..where did the juvies come from in the first place you have to have adult quaggas to make little quaggas do...

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Re: [gofish435] Quagga in DC
Might be a good deal for those anglers who don't take a shower often enough. You know who you are.

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Re: [fish_fear_me2] Rockport slow
Bummer. No love from Rocky. Doesn't look like we will get out to the "secret" spot this year again either...for the same reason...
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Re: [Therapist] Quagga in DC
"I wonder how much it will cost to pressure wash TD's tube????"The answer is $0 at Deer Creek because it won't be put in the water t...
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