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Sep 2, 2002, 1:14 PM
Aug 22, 2014, 8:13 AM
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Pat S.
Fishing, Tubing, Photography, Writing, Cooking, Rod Building, Fly Tying, Lure Making, etc.
Salt Lake City, UT
Utah Lakes & Streams
12 foot shark (Not in Utah)

A big ol' dude who has been float tube fishing for over 50 years.
Forum Responses:

Re: [Tin-Can] Help with Willard possiblities
This is the time of year the wipers are in full boil...if they are going to boil at all. The high water temps are no...
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Re: [drowning_flys] urethane bladder repair tape
The Aquaseal spreads out in a thick blob that cures to a permanent flexible patch. No other patch needed. Just b...
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Re: [CoyoteSpinner] Last Hoorah for this little Piggy
"I know TD uses mesquite on his catfish, but I prefer to reserve that one for pork/beef."Nope. Hickory. But...
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Re: [Therapist] Speaking of ice fishing...
Define "early".

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Re: [PACMEN] black vs silver
I got clued in by a knowledgeable minnow harvester many years ago. Buy any color trap you want but paint them with a dark moss green...
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Re: [Bozwell] Super Fat Cat is going up for sale......
You might want to post a shipping.Also, are you selling off any of your other f...
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Re: [RockyRaab] All i caught was Grief!
Keewrecked.All the parks seem to have some little eccentricities in their rule making...reflective of either a unique loc...
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Re: [Blackellunge] All i caught was Grief!

Blackellunge wrote:
anyone know if Jordanelle has the same rule? cant get the wife on the boat without fidoAs far as I...

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Re: [Gemcityslayer] Deer Creek walleye tips?
Well said. It's simple but it ain't easy.Any guy who claims to catch walleye on every trip...or who claims to unders...
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Re: [brookie] Flaming Gorge Kokanee and Rainbows
You might also PM Ryno on the board. He is the DWR biologist at Flaming Gorge and he has been doing well jigging...
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