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Sep 2, 2002, 1:14 PM
May 1, 2016, 3:17 PM
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Pat S.
Fishing, Tubing, Photography, Writing, Cooking, Rod Building, Fly Tying, Lure Making, etc.
Salt Lake City, UT
Utah Lakes & Streams
12 foot shark (Not in Utah)

A big ol' dude who has been float tube fishing for over 50 years.
Forum Responses:

Re: [idahoron] Tube/pontoon licensing
Maybe we can make a deal. We will stop sending Pelicans if Idaho will stop sending Cormorants back down here.Or, we can jus...
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Re: [idahoron] Tube/pontoon licensing
I have not had any of my craft formally deconned at a DWR location. But I took an older spare Fat Cat to a friend who has a...
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Re: [Cheap_Insurance] UL white bass
White bass numbers have been way down after three years of poor spawns and a winter dieoff a couple of years ago. But there a...
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Re: [downed_Phly] Walleye on the fly
Deer Creek is probably the worst of several potential spots for you to try for walleye on the fly. They are in a down mode.....
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Re: [Sotally__Tober] On the bay this saturday and Sunday
Ya won't see me up there. Not into tube sailing.Hopefully you will get some calmer periods between gust...
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Re: [MBM1969] Throw me a bone on willard
To keep costs down and to be able to make updates as needed I produce all of my own CD/books. Shoot me a PM and I will p...
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Re: [SkunkedAgain] 2016 Willard Bay Flotilla Plan
Here's a map of the north marina area...with Pelican Beach at the far south.

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Re: [Moosedog] Throw me a bone on willard

Moosedog wrote:
TubeDude you are truly Mr Willard! That is great info. Thanks for all you doYou're welcome. And thanks ...

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Re: [AlexB] Throw me a bone on willard

AlexB wrote:
How come the water is so murky in Willard?PACKFAN pretty much answered the question.The big problem with Will...

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Re: [americanforkdude] Throw me a bone on willard
This is a great time to fish...most years. This year we are experiencing a lot of weather fronts and rising and...
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