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Sep 2, 2002, 1:14 PM
Jan 20, 2020, 3:16 PM
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Pat S.
Fishing, Tubing, Photography, Writing, Cooking, Rod Building, Fly Tying, Lure Making, etc.
Salt Lake City, UT
Utah Lakes & Streams
12 foot shark (Not in Utah)

A big ol' dude who has been float tube fishing for over 50 years.
Forum Responses:

Re: [UThunting] Snare spoon
I use red hooks on a majority of the jigs and fligs I make. And in side by side comparison fishing tests I think I detect a better mu...
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Re: [icewoman] Hyrum in afternoon
As a general rule...but not always...the perch bite is more related to location than time of day. True, some groups of fish see...
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Re: [gaardvark] Snare spoon
Once you have the basic weight/flasher, you can use any type of chain/wire/leader...of almost any connect to the hook. Si...
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Re: [Springbuck] Snare spoon
Those Hali jigs are spendy. Been making my own version for a few years too. I use painted up flattened sinkers (glow) and a short le...
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Re: [Boatloadakids] Lincoln beach
"I know of one old coot who has actually been know to launch his float tube from the ice just to satisfy his need to fish... s...
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Re: [MSM1970] New DWR 2020 Fishing Guidebook
Yeah, I'm planning on working the walleye more this year...along the springs and rock shelves. Might be overly optim...
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Re: [MSM1970] New DWR 2020 Fishing Guidebook
Yeah, I'm ready. Got all the required permits and paperwork done and did.
Been keeping busy with ...
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New DWR 2020 Fishing Guidebook
Just wandering around the DWR website, I was surprised to see the online version of the new 2020 fishing guidebook. LINK TO ONLINE...
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Re: [Springbuck] Utah Lake at night?
"The couple times I caught decent numbers of crappies through UL ice, I was catching other species as well. I had learned o...
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Re: [Springbuck] Utah Lake at night?
As I suggested, glow jigs WILL work...sometimes. In fact, there have been times of murky water when a glow head on a plasti...
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