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Jul 16, 2011, 5:37 PM
Jan 25, 2015, 4:16 AM
Forum Responses:

Re: [flygoddess] What do you think?
Did you just change your profile pic? Nice one!!! You look like a badass biker chick!!

flygoddess wrote:
Exactly! This definit...

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Re: [FishingLunatic] Imaginary Lakes next year?
The low snow year has really shown it's ugly head this year. As a backcountry skier it is SHOCKING how little of ...
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Re: [Heartofdixie] 2 slot busters at Strawberry
Now that's how its done!
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Re: [big_griggs] Cisco bound
Have fun up there. Should be a nice day. Those cisco might be the only fish I'd be able to fight with my recovering wrists.
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Re: [flygoddess] What do you think?
Considering the guy had a gun, how hard was it to choose not to enter the store instead of tackling the guy?
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Re: [WestFork] First trip to fish lake
Now you know why they call it "fish lake".

WestFork wrote:
perchpile2 wrote:
... There is more than one store up there. Gee...

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Re: [FindFish] Record breaking rainbow!
"Their scale put the rainbow at 28.37 pounds. They say it was 32 inches long with an amazing girth of 28.5 inches." Whoa,...
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Re: [PIKEMAN99] Another day at the office
Your office is a pig sty!! And if that is truly your office...I want that job.
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Re: [OPENCOUNTRY] Settlement Res.
1st off, welcome to BFT! 2nd, you caught 2 more fish than I have ever caught at Settlement Res.Tongue
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Re: [Giants05win] Pineview
Great job. Looks like you got into a good mess of fish. Thanks for tips and pics.
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