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Jul 16, 2011, 5:37 PM
Oct 5, 2015, 9:38 PM
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Re: [bassrods] Powell
Man, some day I will make it to Powell, till then I will have to live vicariously through reports on the place. Did you bring the camera al...
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Re: [VenicCharters] Redfish, Trout, Cobia Pics
Holy crap that is AWESOME!!!
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Re: [Jeremyhet] Uintas
Well you'll probably run into some great fall colors, both on the trees and the fish. I went up 12 days ago and camped in Murdock Basin......
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Re: [Zhorntix] Willard 10/4 inlet
Early bird gets the wiper I guess! Sounds like a blast.
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Re: [panfisher] DC walleye and bass
Good to see DC provided some finned fun lately!
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Re: [Potsy] Poor little guy
Truly only a face a mother could love!
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Re: [LOAH] Summer Vol. 3
Nice to see a Grayling in your hands for once! Even a sculpin to boot! Wink Killer job on the boulders too!!
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Re: [OhioDave] Northern Utah Kayak Fishing
Don't forget Smith and Morehouse Res.Smile Most of the Yaker's I run into are at Causey Res.
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Re: [fishnutts] Curse ME NOW...

fishnutts wrote:
Hi K2 good for you, always good to plan ahead. The first time I read this post, I had a hard time understanding ...

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Re: [TubeDude] So So Starvy 9-24-15
Oh man, I was really hoping to hear the trout fishing was a bit better around starvy right now. Way to get in a mini vacation...
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