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Jan 1, 2018, 11:10 AM
Jan 18, 2020, 6:39 PM
Freshwater Fishing
United States

Fish Lure Maker
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Re: [L-D-R] Pineview update
How'd it turn out?
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Re: [mme1] cascade
Hey there, Congrats on going, it is one of my favorite spots in the US to ice fish. I added a screen shot of where I caught my back to back PB...
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Re: [gmwahl] Bear Lake 12/4 [Thank You]

gmwahl wrote:
Good for you! I'm glad you got into them. Looks like you got some nice ones too. I went out today and it wa...

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Re: [kentofnsl] Bear Lake 12/5 [Thank You]
Ha yes - time machine is still out of comission.
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Bear Lake 12/4 [Thank You]
Well well well The stars aligned and I got into some major whitefish today up there on the east side. I wanted to give a big thank you...
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Re: [setthehook] Bear Lake Whitefish Run
I'm still planning for Wednesday, says snow will start around 2pm. In going to bring the atv & plow and a few bags of sa...
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Re: [Old_Coot] Bear Lake Whitefish Run

Old_Coot wrote:
Uncle_Arnie, You have been given a generous amount of very good info here in this thread. If you would lik...

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Re: [Piscophilic] Bear Lake Whitefish Run

Piscophilic wrote:
That's a good looking bluegill, thans for shring. What time of year was it caught? Thanks I turned i...

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Re: [gmwahl] Bear Lake Whitefish Run
Thanks again everyone. Pat - your .pdf is exceptional quality. Mike - I'll be in touch as it grows closer. Be safe out there...
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Re: [gmwahl] Bear Lake Whitefish Run
Thank you for the detailed answer Mike! I'll keep an eye out for your post.
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