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Jan 11, 2006, 9:21 AM
May 30, 2016, 11:04 AM
CarDell Mortensen
Forum Responses:

Re: [TT600] Birch Creek
Trolling? ..... Wow what a man. I can hardly get over the hill carrying my own body, let alone a boat, or toon. However my buddy packs hi...
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Re: [RockyRaab] Ogden Canyon Road Closure
What about the Trappers Loop road in beautiful Morgan County?
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Re: [Panhound] East Canyon Water Level
On 5/10.
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Bows in Lucerne
Are the rainbows doing there thing in Lucerne Bay or Sheep Creek Bay yet?

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WH2 and Me 5/12 Willard
WH2 invited me out as 1st mate. We launched out of the south about 10:30. I picked up a Wiper just as we got underway and Curt kept cross...
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Re: [BS] Seasickness??
Don't mess around with seasick. Get a 2 or 3 day prescription for the Scopolamine patch, then go to Walgreens and get some ginger gum, the...
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East Canyon Water Level
I had to mow grass up at East Canyon yesterday, so I looped around the reservoir and took a couple of pictures. The first one shows the w...
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Re: [Dawgden] Currant Creek
Big Tiger, That looks like a flatfish. Were you casting that from shore or did you just take the picture on the shore?
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Re: [liketrolling] Watch This Flaming George once in a life time Catch
Wow ..... That is a lifetime experience Robert. I liked the video a lot showing the action...
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Re: [PACKFAN] Misery Loves Company ... Willard 4/22
Are you sure you didn't take a wrong turn and end up at Minersville?
I thought we were good with 2 b...
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