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Apr 17, 2008, 11:24 AM
Jan 17, 2020, 10:32 AM
Paul Silvester

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Jordanelle ice
I was just wondering if anyone had a report on the ice at Jordanelle. I thought I would take my son up there tomorrow if its iced over. Gonna be E...
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Re: [PhatWeasel] Mantua Court.....
I thought I would add my 2 cents since I despise Mantua and their outright dishonest practices. I have to agree with Catchinon...
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Pineview early
Decided to hit Pineview this morning since I haven't been up there since the perch crashed over 10 years ago. Arrived at 6:45 at Cemetery Point an...
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Re: [L-D-R] Pv this Saturday evening
I used to take my kids all the time before the perch crashed, and the last I knew the sheriff was ticketing people for park...
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Jordanelle Rock Cliff
My son and hit Jordanelle Saturday from about 11:30 until dark. Couldn't find any wax worms at any of the local WalMarts or at Sportsman's ...
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Uinta ice
Took a trip to the Uintas Monday since I had the day off, just to wander around. Went from Hoop Lake and then up to Spirit. All of the lakes and reserv...
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Excellent day at Mantua
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Excellent day at Mantua
I went up to Mantua yesterday getting there about 8 to a clear day with almost no wind to start. I put in my kayak on the south east corn...
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Re: [hogstalker] Mantua
Thanks for the reply. I have been up later in the spring but never this early. My son just finished his last final of the year and wanted...
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Does anyone know if the Bluegill at Mantua have started biting yet?
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