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Registered User
Aug 20, 2015, 11:25 AM
Mar 20, 2019, 12:21 PM
Payson, AZ
Fly Fishing
Railroad Ranch, circa 2005
Forum Responses:

Re: [hookngrinin] Strawberry Ice Fishing Video - January 2019
Great video! I always feel like there is something to be learned from how much the fish moves aroun...
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Re: [gofish435] An Otter Creek Smack Down
When I saw your name and the title, I figured it was the fish who had received a smackdown. Sounds like tough condition...
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Re: [T-DOG91] Provo River Midge Hatch 03/10/19
Thanks for the report! Looks like a great day on the water!
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Re: [riverdog] Still Winter on the Weber/ new boots
Thanks for the report! Glad you got out. I am still waiting for spring, but I should be fishing by now.
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Re: [TheOtherSide] Strawberry 2/26
Sounds like a good day. Thanks for the report!
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Re: [remo_5_0] Multi species day in the wind!!
Nice! I really enjoy multi-species days.
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Re: [richyd4u] It was a beautiful day...
That is an awesome fish! I have been biding my time but haven't even gotten much tying done. Where does the time go?
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Re: [catchinon] Keeping it simple
All good choices so far. If I had only one fly, I might take a hard look at a grey comparadun around size 18. It is a simple fl...
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Re: [MountainFish] Joe's Valley and the long walk to the dam
Great story! When you can have things go wrong and still get a good fish in -- that is one to rememb...
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Re: [riverdog] Keeping it simple
Interesting piece. I think there is an insight to this. I think usually drift and location in the water column matter more than ...
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