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Feb 2, 2012, 12:48 AM
Jan 18, 2018, 1:37 AM
Heber City
Freshwater Fishing
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Deer Creek - Great day for fishing, catching, not so much
When it stays this full over the winter it always has a hard time freezing. Let alon...
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Re: [kentofnsl] Provo harbor activity
They are on their face book page.
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Re: [bassrods] Deer creek
Every lake that I have been to that can have a boat on it requires a mussel certificate displayed in the vehicle. Copied right out of t...
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Re: [fishgiver] Deer creek

fishgiver wrote:
Does this mean that the annual or daliy mussel tag will be required?? That is required at every lake in the state and...

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Re: Provo harbor activity
I think that it would be more productive to get the water out so that the mud could freeze up. Once it is froze they could hit it with ...
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Re: [muirco] Open water for a boat?
Deer Creek and Jordanelle both have plenty of open water to boat on. While I was hunting ducks yesterday I was thinking of tr...
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Re: [Deepwateroff] The Rock?
Rockport just capped the other day so it will need some time to grow to a safe thickness.
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Re:January Thaw
Had a good day on Deer Creek yesterday after we got that pesky ice broke up and pushed out of the way for the decoys. Tons of mallards, widgeon, ...
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Re: [SBennett] Recomendations?
I looked at Deer Creek yesterday and there are a few patches of skim ice floating around on the north end of the lake. It has been...
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Re: [SBennett] Recomendations?
To protect the bow of the boat on rocky shorelines we take three strips of carpet and lay them on the shore and then pull the bow ...
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