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Aug 23, 2002, 8:20 PM
Jun 25, 2009, 6:09 AM

patricia abbott
Camping, fishing, photography, BFT , ANimal rescue
Pet groomer
Freshwater Fishing
Oregon Coast
Forum Responses:

Re: [DrownedDesertRat] Bonneville Dam
for the columbia up to bonniville and the willamette are open for the rest of the year now and 7 days a week which is unusu...
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Re: [DrownedDesertRat] Bonneville Dam
OH man we went out for my bday and i had some of the craziest Sturgeon fishing ive ever experianced got my keeper and got t...
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Re: [fishboy2] greetings oregon
Most popular sees to be halibut,tuna , salmon. .We also have rockbass, lings,cabazone,perch of course greenling and im sure there...
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Re: [fishboy2] greetings oregon
Welcome i am very interested in chatting with you and have alot of info as well i just got home from a trip from central oregon a...
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Re: [MADMAX101] Powder River arm of Brownlee?
Im not that familiar with the access ive always accessed farwell bend mabe this will help. http://www.brownleereser...
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Re: [MADMAX101] Brownlee Resevoir??
Hello mad max. This is what i found out and a recent report. Powder River Arm from mouth upstream to Huntington-Richland Road...
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Re: [gdn443] Gulps bait
I also prefer the real thing but no alot of people who swear by them
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Re: [davetclown] who wants to go noodeling?
Now thats just crazy...EXTREME
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Fishing Prospecting trip photo attached
First shovel of sand. By Patti aka anglerp Fatherís day 2006 I awake in the beauty of the Willamette national forest Oreg...
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Re: [PikeFish] Tillamook bay area
Should be good spring Chinook soon !!!!! Crabbing is poor right now.ill update soon.
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