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Aug 8, 2011, 12:52 PM
Mar 16, 2014, 9:58 AM
Saltwater Fishing
flaming george
Forum Responses:

Re: [trueblue2] Starvation Report 3/14 & 15
They have new fuel line connectors for a merk at Wall mart for about 6 bucks.
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Re: [TopH2O] My best Mac ever, Fish Lake 03-05-2014
Nice fish, good job releasing him. My question isn't how old the fish is but how old will he get.
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starvy 3-8-14
Got to the lake about 10 fished till sundown, only saw trout caught. they did ok at the bridge area, we caught 5 between 3 of us so it could have b...
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Re: [Uintaman] Suggestion Boat Motor Repair
If it was me, I'd do a compression check, and if it has a dead hole scrap it. I don't mean to be discouraging but you...
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Re: [MRJ] Strawberry Access?
Last Monday the road to the marina was two wheel drive the lot was a little bumpy from refrozen slush the lake access was good and h...
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Re: [bigbenmac] Deer Creek Ice
Beware the warm afternoon if you get on.
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Re: [submoa] FG Fatality
Just an idea, why not take a carbon monoxide detector camping they are light and portable, if it wasn't for the cm there would be lot le...
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Re: [SLAPPINTHEBASS] crappie nibbles
I was at pine view the other day with wax worms, was slow for me I tried night crawlers, cut bait etc. only got a couple of...
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Re: [dwayneb] Let see your ice fishing sled set up
This one is built for speed, it;s just a wake board and a box with outriggers for stability and light weight f...
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Re: [birddog8] need info on ice at starvation?
I think it's gone.
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