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Feb 1, 2014, 8:42 PM
Sep 13, 2019, 7:03 PM
tom Blake
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Re: [ditchpickle98] Pike in Powell?
Back in the mid 90's, a my friend caught one, we were in a small cove by the bridge that runs over the dirty devil river. I'm...
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Re: [catchinon] Firewood?
I dont mind it but my wife has a bionic nose. Let my know if you want to stop by and grab a round to try before you load a truck
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Re: [catchinon] Firewood?
It burns pretty fast. My wife doesn't like the smell, so i dont burn it.
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Re: [catchinon] Firewood?
If you want cottonwood i have a couple tons of it, in pleasant grove
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Re: [catchinon] Electric start
If you open the top cowling of the motor you should be able to see a small starter, if there is one. Post a picture.
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Re: [catchinon] Small outboard weight
Some outboards just need the carburetor replaced to the 15 hp carb, but some carbs for the 4 strokes are worth 500 and up, ...
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Re: [catchinon] Shaft length
Shaft length is measured from where the transom sits to the bottom of the cavitation plate. Short shaft is 15" then long shaft is 20...
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Re: [TheFishSlayer] Trolling motor help!!
This should be a link to Dangar Marine trouble shoot video. It is very informative and starts with basic stuff. If you ...
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Re: [Outfishing13] Scofield
I was their about 3 weeks ago, chubs are not as thick as last year but there are plenty in their. A minnow trap would work well for a...
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Re: [kentofnsl] Scofield 7/31/18, fishery is not there yet
My kids don't care if their chubs or trout, it's a fish and they had fun, and we helped to reduce the ...
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