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Feb 21, 2003, 3:08 PM
Jun 24, 2005, 4:40 PM
Devin Baumgardner

Forum Responses:

Re: [UTBASS] Biggest Fresh Water Fish?
It was an 8lb. Rainbow I caught this September on the Green River. Always fishing....Barbless.
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Weber River report
Hello everyone, I went fishing on the Weber this past weekend and had an excellent day fishing. Weather was great, some rain/snow, some sun, s...
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Re: [chickenlicken] How do you catch those big white fish?
If you want to catch whitefish just head to the Weber River. Went fishing on Weds. and was catching a ...
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Re: [WanaGoFishin] Looking for a Greenriver expert
I just got back yesterday after spending the last 3 days on the Green. Caught everything on scuds(sz. 18), mid...
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Re: [leaky] ebay/waders
Leaky, I was in the same situation; looking for waders and wondering if Simms were really worth it. I found a pair of Simms G3's for $325...
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Re: [tubeN2] Wierdest Catch
My weirdest catch was more amazing than weird, it was a hummingbird. While fishing the SouthFork of Og. I was working a hole and a hu...
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looking for a new place to fish
Hello everyone, anybody got any good tips on places to fish? I'm in search of new waters, i already know about places like jordan...
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Re: [FlyFishingMoose] Who is your favorite football team
I use to be embarassed to say who my team is, but now all I can say is they are the Super Bowl champs. Y...
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Re: [maddawg] Blacksmith Fork report
MD...Sorry I didn't reply back sooner, been busy. Most of the fish I caught were from 9" to about 15+" was the largest, quit...
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Blacksmith Fork report
Had an excellent day fishing the Black this past wednesday. Weather was great, water levels were excellent and of course clear, hardly any...
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