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Apr 20, 2016, 2:17 PM
Mar 13, 2018, 2:43 PM
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Re: [odthefly] Scofield on New Years
We only caught one chub while we were there and it was on a night crawler
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Re: [icefishingman] Bass through the ice
How thick is the ice at Holmes
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Re: [klam] Scofield on New Years
Everything was good and solid. Ice was thick. There was even several Snow machines buzzing around the ice
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Scofield on New Years
Got up early on New Years and took my boys to Scofield. Fishing for 12" cuts was fast from sun up to about 10. Size, color, and bait didn't...
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Re: [CatchinCompany2] Uinta help
Just above Washington lake there is the Crystal lake trail head. You can do a loop around wall lake that is about 5.5 miles that...
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Re: [downed_Phly] Unita Tigers
We have done a few things to keep them entertained, one of best is probably having a hammock set up for them. Each of my 3 boys ha...
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Re: [fish_hntr] Unita Tigers
thank you for pointing out my spelling blunders so discretelyWink
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Unita Tigers
We went up to the Unitas yesterday to beat the heat at (insert undisclosed location here) lake and had a blast. We found brookies and tigers in abun...
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Re: [Fishnhike] Are those fish or bull dogs? (Willard)
Amen on the hooks. we caught everything on the same 2 rapalas and between the 4 treble hooks, 3 of them br...
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Are those fish or bull dogs? (Willard)
So I know that this post is a little late but last weekend I finally made it up to Willard (for the third time in my life)...
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