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Apr 12, 2005, 9:40 PM
Oct 14, 2019, 12:23 PM
brett kidder
Trolling for kokanee, macs, and trout. Icefishing, and hunting too.

Forum Responses:

Re: [dratharman] how many downriggers?
You absolutely can. I would put the long reach riggers off the sides to increase spread. Then I would keep them spread as ...
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Re: [BSF] Sportsmen's expo
If I had known Rocky Mountain Tackle was giving out samples I would have come down myself!
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Re: [Zhorntix] Opinions on downriggers
That's a great choice!
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Re: [BearLakeFishGuy] Opinions on downriggers
Very interesting insight from a guy that's fished multiple brands. I loved my cannon mini mags. Very tough well bui...
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Re: [wiperhunter2] Opinions on downriggers
I think it's like 250 ft a minute on the old 4's. I think the new digi trolls are the same. With GPS contours is there...
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Re: [Zhorntix] Opinions on downriggers
They're all going to go plenty deep. At strawberry I go as deep as 50 for kokanee but normally am not near that deep. 20-4...
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Re: [Lundman] Opinions on downriggers
I'm not "proud" of my downrigger brand of choice. I didn't design or build them. But the thread was a question on downrigge...
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Re: [Zhorntix] Opinions on downriggers
I've been using cannon for 20 years. I've had zero issues. Started out with sport trolls (now called lake trolls). Moved o...
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Re: [Old_Coot] Ice Fishing for Mackinaw Many Years Ago
Let's see. It's been a long time since I have posted on a Mac thread. Let me see if I remember how it goes...
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Re: [curt69] Fishing EXPO
I'm going saturday with my wife. Rocky Mountain Tackle is there, and have some incredible deals... from what I've heard. We'll see how ...
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