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May 11, 2014, 10:08 PM
Jan 26, 2020, 10:58 AM
Jerry Gillette
Paul Idaho 431-4559
Fly Fishing
65lbs king Skeena 20lbs Salmon River Steelhead

Don't know what I will be when I grow up. Good thing I did not start steelhead fishing till I was 28 or I would never have amounted to anything.
Forum Responses:

Re: [SkunkedAgain] Henry's...Beautiful Day!
Reports of 300 people fishing a small area, with some catching 50 a day and using bait and the bite is over. Most of ...
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Re: [MMDon] Two fish limit and bait
I have no problem with put and take fish. If 90 percent of fish that swallow the hook live when released by cutting the line ...
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Two fish limit and bait
For the second time in the past month I had a friend watch two people in a boat land over 50 fish with bait on Chesterfield. They would s...
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Re: [AlexB] Fish salvage announced in Treasureton
I have been told they did not fix the dam because they don't have the resources or knowledge to fix it. Apparen...
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Re: [rutnbuckhunting] So Fork Clearwater Steelhead
There is around a foot of snow from Harpster down and a lot more above the Grangeville grade. Plenty of pressu...
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Re: [LIL_FISH] Mormon Res.
Mormon has been fished to death since the Boise Valley found it in August. Some days this little lake at this water level had over thi...
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Fish salvage announced in Treasureton
From what I understand low water in Treasureton caused by a need to repair a small leak in the dam and the subsequent drawd...
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Re: [Steelie30] so... salmon?
Most of the fish released as five to six inch salmon last year won't return until 2020. Ocean conditions when this years fish were ...
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Re: [nijimasu] so... salmon?
The jack count is very poor from that don't even expect a season next year it is running about 25% of the ten year average 5574 toda...
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Re: [IDFG_Fisheries] record trout
That is how I remember it these records for catch and release started in 2016 which makes it fun. So each trout species have th...
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