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May 15, 2010, 9:18 PM
Mar 29, 2017, 8:25 PM
American Fork, UT
Professional Certification Exam Development
Saltwater Fishing
Lake Powell
35 lb Yellow Tail - Baja
Forum Responses:

Re: [MasterDaad] DC Saturday
Thanks for the report! We fished for bass on Friday and only got one bite, so we switched over to trout fishin'. We did catch a nice...
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Re: [huntfishbird] walleye
Woot woot! Nice!!!
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Re: [travelinangler] DC SMB?
It will be on Friday, just wait!
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Re: [lovetofish] How does Barometric Pressure affect Fishing?
Good info, thanks for sharing!
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Re: [muirco] Pineview Ice
I was there two weeks ago on Saturday and I was able to drive down to the ramp, but last Saturday there was a big pile of snow from the...
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Re: [Flyfishinglover] Starvation and Pelican?
I don't know about Starvation, but three weeks ago I had my sleds on Pelican. Let us know how you do.
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Re: [TubeDude] Underwater Camera and Bird's Feet
Don't forget duct tape. Anything can be made with it!
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Re: [rutnbuckhunting] Strawberry parking lots?
Could be that many are avoiding Strawberry due to the slush. Let us know how it is.
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Re: [icefishingman] Strawberry
I'm interested to know also, but I also suspect that many are avoiding Strawberry because of the slush potential.
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Re: [Squawminnow] Pineview Workout
What we do to go fishing! When I mention it to others they think I'm crazy, but then again, they've never gone and enjoyed the...
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