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May 15, 2010, 9:18 PM
Oct 20, 2017, 10:45 AM
American Fork, UT
Professional Certification Exam Development
Ice Fishing
Lake Powell
35 lb Yellow Tail - Baja
Forum Responses:

Re: [Rom1452] Lake Powell
This is the best resource for up to date info on the bites down there. We just got back and there weren't very many boils. The fishing ...
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Re: [Boatloadakids] Utah Lake Algae Update 8-30-2017
You haven't been exposed alright! Or you have forgotten how to spell. LOL
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Re: [doitall5000] help with the boaters problems!
I wonder how boater law enforcement officials would feel if one of the iCal news stations did a story on the th...
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Re: [300win] Lake Powell trip
Great job on getting those boys out there. Sounds and looks like the fishing wasn't too shabby either. Good luck fixing the boats.
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Re: [Tail_Chaser] Tricked this one into Biting my hook.
Woot woot! We're lucky to have such a great gem so close.
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Re: [sunkee] Boat Issue
He's a great guy and does all my prop work.
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Re: [fish_hntr] who is our resident carb expert?
One more thing to check: Without the engine running, accelerate the throttle and look into the carb for two stea...
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Re: [fish_hntr] who is our resident carb expert?
Given the year and given the symptoms, you may want to consider a carb rebuild. It's not difficult and sometimes...
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Re: [fish_hntr] who is our resident carb expert?
What year is the boat/engine? Model, etc. Have you checked the new plugs for evidence of burning rich? Did the b...
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Re: [fish_hntr] who is our resident carb expert?
Couple of questions? 2barrel or 4barrel? Has anyone played with the jets or mixture screws. Do you have a black ...
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