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Jan 20, 2011, 11:30 AM
Aug 17, 2017, 5:30 PM
Southern Utah & Cali
Working 8hrs
Fresh and Salt
280 Yellowfin Tuna

Family, Faith, & Fish
Forum Responses:

Re: [elkantlers] Flaming Gorge record revoked since license was expired
Some states they are only good until Dec, 31st. No matter when you bought it. That reall...
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Re: [dubob] Rent for work
Both you guys should come down for a couple of days just for fun. The trout fishing has not been very good this summer for what ever re...
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Rent for work
I am looking for the right person to trade rent for work at the property shown below. A retired guy with skills would be great. Work a couple of ho...
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Re: [Bovineowner] Ranch Tour
Bovineowner, I was hoping that some of the more socialist minded posters here would have taken you up on your offer, just so they co...
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Re: [wormandbobber] Minersville ?
I have not seen any sign of the spring 9 to 10 inchers, and it does not show on the official stocking report for what ever reas...
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Minersville ?
Anybody know why the spring Rainbow plant at Minersville came so late this year? Also why when they did plant some on June 27th, they were only 4 1...
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Re: [Therapist] Crawdad traps
As long as he is not breaking the law,, I say go for it. Everybody has their own style of fishing. As far as filleting 300 jumbo pe...
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Re: [njones61] Utah Fish Stocking Data Analysis Tool
I say 2011 is a good drop back date because most of the fish stocked in Utah don't have a life expectancy of...
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Re: [njones61] Utah Fish Stocking Data Analysis Tool
Got to love it. Bringing such a great tool to the board on your first post! I have gone back and forth on th...
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Re: [mrs_setthehook] fishing in the dark!
1. Night fish from Shore where you can down a few cold ones. 2. Set down in a comfy lawn chair with one rod holder att...
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