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Jul 14, 2003, 11:49 AM
May 20, 2019, 7:47 AM
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Fishing (obviously). I fish for just about all species in Utah. Camping, hunting (mostly grouse and deer), float tubing, boating, canoeing, backpacking, hiking, basically anything outdoors, playing with my kids. I'm also a computer geek. I have my own fishing website,
Western Washington
Software Engineer/Website Owner
Freshwater Fishing
15 pound Channel Catfish
Forum Responses:

Re: [HATH] Help on silverlake
I've never been there, but reports range from slow to excellent for small brook trout. Most people say they haven't seen anything o...
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Re: [HATH] Help on silverlake
That's Silver Lake Flat Reservoir, then, not Silver Lake. You have to hike from there up to silver lake.
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Re: [southernman] Catchy little tune
Let's keep it to heated debate and bashing political views and politicians, not bashing each other, thanks.
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Re: [cpierce] Tanwax Lake
Thanks for the report. We've certainly had a wet enough spring this year!
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Re: [BigFatty] Grantsville crawfish
You do not need to cook them but you do need to kill them before transport. They must go on ice immediately or else cook them...
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Re: [wilco5] grayling
Silver Lake up American Fork Canyon has had Grayling stocked in it in Aug. 2009, and July 2008.Trial Lake on the Mirror Lake Highway also h...
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Re: [bassassin101] Just saw this on ksl
Nobody has mentioned what to me is a glaring fact - Sand Hollow is connected via tunnel to Quail Creek Reservoir, which m...
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Re: [moby_dick] banjo minnow?
works but no better than a senko.
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Re: [dubob] Check It Out
Is that for real?
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Re: [sterling925] Ticket or no ticket, you judge!!
It's ok to fish the river all the way up to Center Street bridge. The entire stretch adjacent to the state par...
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