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Jul 2, 2003, 10:36 PM
Feb 9, 2018, 11:02 AM
Justin Kaufman
fly fishing, cat fishing, ice-fishing, I love to fish any which way!!

Forum Responses:

Marcum Lx7 vs. Marcum Lx7li
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Marcum Lx7 vs. Marcum Lx7li
I'm looking at both these models. The Lx7li is brand new and has a lithium battery system. Does anyone have any opinions on these mod...
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Re: [Troll] Middle Provo
I thought 350 CFS was perfect..but!!!
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Re: [riverdog] Yellowstone River Utah---near Duchesne???
Had a great time camping and got a few beautiful brookies. Thanks for the info guys!
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Re: [Troll] Yellowstone River Utah---near Duchesne???
Thanks for the info. Anyone else want to chime in?
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Yellowstone River Utah---near Duchesne???
I'm wanting to do a short camping trip this weekend and was thinking of heading to the Yellowstone River in Utah. Does...
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Jordan River Pumps
Just wondering if anyone's fist out here lately and if it's any good? Thanks J
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Re: [THorne] Steamboat CO area
The yampa can be fun if the water doesn't get too hot. Standard nymphs and major hatches too.
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Re: [setthehook] fishing in the dark!
Very Nice tip..thx!!
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Jordan River Pump House
Does anyone know if they are letting water out of both outlets yet? Thanks J
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