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Oct 26, 2008, 7:26 PM
Aug 25, 2019, 5:51 PM
moroni ut.
Ice Fishing
87 cuts and bows (nov.) at the berry. bigest 7.1 lbs.
Forum Responses:

28 incher
Got a 28 incher Friday at Utah lake.
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Re: [sliverslinger] Strawberry Ghost town??
We stayed at strawberry this last week and it cost us 38dollars for full hook up plus 9 bucks for the side by side ea...
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Re: [cdbrc] Lincoln beach
Both of the bait were fresh. The chub was about 3 inches long and we used them whole. The white bass were fresh and only got one fish...
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Lincoln beach
Had a great day at Lincoln today with 2 of my friends. Got on the water about 6 and had the first fish in the boat by 6 15. It was cloudy all day...
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Re: [cdbrc] DYI Ketchikan AK help!
Lake Watson is a no boat lake, and has a camp ground. If you are a senior, take a senior national park pass (10.00) it will s...
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Re: [Drlewis43] DYI Ketchikan AK help!
I spent 2 two month trips there with two weeks in Ketchiacan . There is a lake about 8 mines from town called lake Watson...
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Re: [Patchydog] Scofield shore fishing
The east side is hard to find access to because of the high water level. West side has good access at the public fishing a...
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Re: [KeelnTime] Great day at Scofield
In the boat on the west side. We had to be close to the shore to find 10 ft. Of water, but the fish were there and a lot o...
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Great day at Scofield
Three of us hit Scofield Friday afternoon for a 4 hour trip. Fished at the PLACE with white and pearl tubs tipped with chub. A little slow...
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Re: [BiggerBait] Fishing for Cats...
Ah a wonderful bird is the pelican His break can hold more than his belly can I can't figure out how the hellie can That won...
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