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Registered User
Apr 26, 2004, 10:29 AM
Mar 29, 2017, 12:35 PM
Freshwater Fishing
Strawberry East Canyon Willard Bay
5 lb striper (Sacramento River)
Forum Responses:

Re: [amik] Kayak fishing the gorge
Welcome to the board. Back in the 90's I lived in Wyoming. Fished the gorge from Anvil often with good success using a black a...
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Re: [k2muskie] Congrats
Very Nice indeed.
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Re: [ZUKI_BLUE] Willard on Saturday afternoon
Very Nice - congrats to your wife
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Re: [Tin-Can] Willard First day
Thanks for the post. I'll keep an eye on how your like the new Lowrance. I need to start looking for something modern to replace ...
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Re: [TubeDude] Walleye Seminar
Thanks for the link. I will watch it later today when done planting early crops in the garden.
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Walleye Seminar
I heard from a neighbor last night that the DWR was hosting another seminar on Walleye like the one last year in March. Haven't found anything on...
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Re: [FishinFool53] Willard 3/17/2017
Thanks for the report, looks like it time to get the gear out and shake the dust off.
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Re: [HD7000] EC today
Thanks for the report on ice off.
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Re: [huntfishbird] walleye
WOW very nice fish
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Re: [FishinFool53] Willard
With the warmer nights and sunny days water temperature is sure to provide more action this weekend. I only saw one to two boats most ...
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