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Oct 12, 2012, 12:37 PM
Mar 27, 2017, 12:10 PM

Freshwater Fishing
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penn 750 spool
Selling a Penn spool 750 on this forum. if your interested its under sell/buy. Here is the link to this site. gi-bin...
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bomber plugs for sale
I posted a post on BUy and sell. I am selling some bomber plugs check it out on buy and sell post on here.Thanks
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new Denali rod 14 to 15% off
Float it tackle is selling All New 2015 Denali Rods for 14% to 15% off MSRP. Itís a good savings. I do not see too many at all that ...
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soft plastic baits
if your looking for some nice floating worms and senkos check this site out.
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Re: [gdn443] have anyone try this new floating worms yet ?
Thanks. I know black swim jigs work near me. I have some white ones but never really tried them to muc...
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8-24-13 More LM bass pictures
I was using it with a 3/8oz. bullet weight, non-pegging and just dragging it alone the bottom stopping it now and then so it floats...
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Re: [chevy5099] have anyone try this new floating worms yet ?
Now the fall is coming I think the new floating crawfish beaver bait will work better. I was catchi...
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Re: [NYAnkess] have anyone try this new floating worms yet ?
Its ok if you want a bobber and have it near the surface. But the baits that I am talking about is f...
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Re: [albinotrout] me and my dads last fishing trip.
Thank you very much. Me and my buddy is going up to lake champlain in sept for smallies. I can not wait :-)
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me and my dads last fishing trip.
We hit the lake 8-17-13. Me and my Dad. My Dad has bad knees so he comes with me now and then. Sucks getting older, anyway we g...
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