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Jun 23, 2003, 2:00 PM
Jul 23, 2019, 6:25 PM
Any fishing and hunting, Golf and traveling
South Jordan
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Chinook Salmon & Florida Tarpon

Everything outdoors, fishing, hunting, golfing, traveling, hiking, biking, and just enjoying life
Forum Responses:

Re: [mtncat1] Strawberry Kokes
I went online to look at "windalert" and it did not have a station at Strawberry. I saw Deer Creek, Heber, and lots of other stati...
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Re: [fishnate] Powell North May 2-4
Thanks for the report and the link to Waynes Words. I like the pics you posted. OMG, the crappie was giant. Never seen one th...
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Re: [liketrolling] Kicking Fishy Butt - Strawberry Ice Off
Hey Robert,I thought you would be up there trying to catch them as soon as ice came off. Are going to ...
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Re: [liketrolling] Mac Attack fishing tournament
Nice mac Robert. That one is a bruiser. Love the fish finder shot. That is a lot of fish.Did you go after kokane...
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Re: [TubeDude] Marvy Monday at Lindon 4-8-19
Hey Pat,Thanks for the PDF how to build rod holders. The ones you made for me broke in pretty short order. I figure...
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Re: [TroutHowler] Deer Creek is HOT
Great Ice Off report. Loved seeing the video. Congrats on some nice fish. Surprised that there are so many browns. Never woul...
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Re: [UintaIce] Berry Marina Road Closure
How can those of us who do not know receive "Strawberry Angler News"?I tried to google it but could not find it. Let me ...
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Re: [Tarponjim] Butte, Mt
"But seriously, nobody from out of state should ever go fishing in Montana. Besides the cost, its too crowded and they don't stock the ...
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Re: [TheRiverWalker] Strawberry slush report?
Thanks for the report. I was surprised to hear that it was easy walking. Did you just walk out from the marina?Last...
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Re: [makinawfisher19] BIG BROWN TROUT
Excellent. Was it on a streamer or a bugger? That is a brute. How long was it?
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